trouble with xbox 360 gamepad?

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not using the 360 gamepad but an emulator(x360ce) with a Saitek P990 and the buttons just do not work in this game tho the analog sticks do. i have set it up right in x360ce but may be some fine tuning with settings that could help, tho i don't see anything. every other game i use the pad and emulator for works perfect, well not "i" but whenever my consolite friends come over i set it up for them. the only thing i actually use them for is Dungeon Siege 3. have even just tried it on Crysis and a few others that only allow 360 Gamepads and they still work fine.

wondering if this is an issue with the 360 Gamepads themselves with this game that is effecting me thru emulating it OR if it is a problem with the P990\x360ce's xinput and Risen 2.

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i`ve the same problem.....any fix??