Stuck after 'The Greedy Captain' *SPOILERS*****

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So I killed Garcia and I talked to Alvarez and I know I need to summon Captain Steelbeard again and talk to him to find out where the Water Temple is, but for some reason I cannot summon him with the Skull Sceptre anymore. He is no where to be found on the Island of the Dead, and I cannot summon him either in the underworld or real world. Is this a glitch? Can someone help me, perhaps I am doing something wrong. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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HI, first of all sorry for my english but I'm italian: i've the same problem, I can't summon Steelbeard after Garzia quest. Do you solved the question? if so, what should I do ? please it's very important for me to finish this great game, so please HELP ME!!!!!!!!!