Impossible to kill Garcia in his tent? (spoiler)

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I discovered that Corrientes is posing as Garcia in the Maracai Village. I enter his tent with Patty and face him and his guard. There is no option available but to fight them there. I've tried everything but get killed every time. Has anyone been able to kill him at this location?
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If i remember corectly that is a bug.Why?Even thou you discover that Garcia is hiding there the village still hops on you then after you kill him the last mission triggers without any control.I didnt stayed to see how things happen otherwise without the bug i just dragged him and the others out of the village and killed him.If you do it correctly you need to expose him to the guy on the beach (forgot his name) then him and the other guys with you will go to the village and expose him and start a fight there.

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OK. After about two hours I managed to kill him. Running out the tent and down the hill always resulted in everyone chasing me, except Garcia. The natives could not be killed, only stunned, but by the time I had returned to the tent, trying again and running away down the hill, the stunned natives had recovered and always confronted me from the other direction with the rest chasing me from the village. I tried running to the rear of the tent, jumping down the rocky ledges, nothing stopped me getting killed. Eventually I got Garcia to chase me with the rest of them to the river plain below where I had space to move around while taking pot shots at him while dodging the arrows being thrown at me. Finally I killed him. I can now no longer go to the village without being attacked.