(HELP) How to use the Parrot!!

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I just bought the Parrot skill and for some reason I cannot figure out how to use it. I know the monkey shows up in your inventory, but I can't seem to find the parrot anywhere. Do I have to buy one? If so, where can I buy one? Thanks for the help.

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First go to Quinn  a mysterious con man talented in the thieving arts. He can teach you a lot of useful skills, as well as sell a lot of illegal merchandise. If you use Silver Tongue on him (level 50), youll learn about additional items in his stock. The first is a key (for 300 Gold) connected with the Gibsons Grave quest, the second, a map (for 300 Gold) connected with The Treasure on a Rocky Plateau on Antigua.Type: Trickster, teaches: Monkey Trainer, Parrot Trainer, Old Trickster, Dirty Tricks I, Dirty Tricks II, Dirty Tricks III.Then when you go to the brewery there is an guy next to a shack,he sels animals aswell as parrots.After that you need to equip it into a slot then use it,i think they are consumable so you need to buy another 1 after each use.