Are the reviews right?

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I'm troubled to read in reviews that if you don't play certain quests in the order the developers expected you get stuck and can't finish the game.  Has anybody experienced this? 

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Alot of us including me.The only solution is to leave Maracai Bay till the last map then you need to complete the deserter quest ahead of finding who garcia is then you will be forced throw to the end of the game.I recommend to avoid this it is a waste of cash due to alot of problems and dull combat system.Everything is poor besides the graphics,enviroment and some jokes the rest is bad including char dialogue quests,bugs etc.Avoid it.

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am almost 30 hrs into the game, have just about completed Maracai Bay. is one of the best rpgs i've played in a few years along with Skyrim and Witcher 2. if you liked the first game or enjoy rpg at all you will enjoy this game.

have not encountered one "glitch" in the game. don't listen to fools.