Nostalgia runs deep right now.

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Used to love the exit button. Whenever you quit the game you had different suicide pictures with sound. Good times. I hope they give this new version the same kind of humor the original had. Pre order? no but will definitely pick this up.

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Who the hell preorders PC games?

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I HATED ROTT. Really disliked the FPS-platform style genre, it just didn´t work well, maps sucked big time. Ugly, boring environments, didn´t like the weapons or enemies. I have nothing positive to say about it really. BUT, i guess i am a nostalgic and i played a lot of Apogee games, so I am considering buying this version as long as they don´t focus too much on platforming. And now with Wolfenstein coming, It will be a nice addition to my FPS collection. And since we´re on a nostalgia frenzy in the computer industry, i hope Blood gets a remake/new version too! One of the best FPS ever!