Tomb Raider gains a continuation that manages to maintain the quality of the previous one.

User Rating: 8 | Rise of the Tomb Raider PC

after the great Reboot of 2013, this new phase of Lara Croft gains its continuation with Rise of the Tomb Raider that manages to further develop Lara Croft and thus be one of the best games of 2015, Rise of the Tomb Raider shows a Lara Croft even more experienced and with a mission to prove that she is not crazy with the events that happened in Tomb Raider, the game already impresses with its incredible graphics, the initial scene already shows Lara and her great friend Jonah climbing a mountain in the middle of the snow, visually spectacular is the scene, the snow is perfect and leaves footprints when you walk, it impresses quite, another impressive scene in the game is when you find a frozen ship that is also very impressive. the game he develops a little more characters, but still the focus is on Lara and you end up not feeling so much concern with other characters, but still does appear some interesting, the soundtrack is very good and the gameplay has improved greatly in The Rise Tomb Raider can maintain the quality of its predecessor and shows that this Reboot was the best thing that happened to the series, the franchise was very more mature and Lara much more interesting. Note 89