Revisiting Lara while she raises

User Rating: 8 | Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration PS4

I had great time playing the previous installment and this one was no different. Slightly improved experience with a better story. Although convincing story is not really something I seek in Lara's franchise this wan was decent enough. I especially liked the episode where you return to Croft Manor and investigate your parents past. Graphics are great although frame rate during video cut scenes is just bad - slightly breaking immersion. Most of the characters you encounter are pretty interesting and villain(s) are very well done. Voice acting and production are great. Funnily enough Lara voice-over is the one I liked the least but that's mainly because of her English (nobility talk maybe?) which I didn't particularly care for. Action part is what we want here and this is where game don't disappoint. Mix of stealth and adrenaline-packed action parts is perfectly blended together. Dungeon puzzles are even better then in the previous game and rewards that you get for completing them are unique and meaningful. Complex upgrade system is something that makes your progress feel satisfying - something a lot of games fail to achieve. All in all very solid experience and a wholehearted recommendation.