Lara Croft's most polished adventure till date

User Rating: 9 | Rise of the Tomb Raider PC

Much like other Tomb Raider predecessors this one also relies quite heavily on jumping, climbing, scaling and exploring forests, caves, mountain paths, ruins etc. The graphics, sound and game play is rich and detailed. Lara Croft is immersed in large open areas with much to explore, scavenge, collect and craft.

On a mission to clear the Croft name she embarks upon the quest to find the city of Kitezh and she is not the only one. The Trinity, a group of mercenaries, is on a similar path and soon Lara finds herself embroiled into a much larger plot, the details of which I will leave out.

The combat mechanics are very good and stealth is a very good approach to take out a room full of enemies. You also have the other option of bursting through a room and going Rambo. Almost every item has upgrades, be it guns, ammo, crafting of explosives, Lara's outfit etc. Skill points are also available to upgrade abilities. After a certain level you will find the game gets easier to tackle as you get powerful but very few enemies live up to challenge you or give a good fight. That however doesn't take the shine away from the spectacular environments created and the diversity of it, which makes this game stellar.

If you have played the previous games, you will find it easy to tag along and enjoy the adventure from start to finish. All the great things are still here and Crystal Dynamics has made a great game that lives up to the hype.