A sequel deep and already lost its spirit.

User Rating: 7 | Rise of the Tomb Raider X360
I am not going to say that I have been completely onboard with the new Tomb Raider reboot but Tomb Raider 2013 did show plenty of promise. It had soul, ambition and a great foreboding narrative and tried its best to keep old fans happy. One sequel later and I could already see Crystal Dynamics' wear and tear. Which is a shame because Rise of the Tomb Raider actually brought back the big tombs and there's much more to explore. The only problem is that what you do explore is boring and repetitive. The story also felt less inspired too and sort of drags on as you realize this is just a quest for a phony version of the fountain of youth. Tomb Raider was always about playing with mythologies too but at least they were more true to what they were using and admitted it back then. Now we're working with made up tribes and artifacts to add unnecessary "originality". Graphically, the 360 version isn't too far off the Xbox One version but at some points you do see the unsubtle downgrade to the port. Though none of it takes away from the initial enjoyment of the enhanced gameplay. Is it fun? Yes, Lara is more versatile and trained this time around so you can get around much more efficiently and hear less of her girly screaming and moaning. Boy did that get old fast! The gunfights are still just as good but the sound effects sound more like air guns and bubble wrap and the gunfire doesn't even appear as often. Tag that with some sound problems and you'll notice that this game is unusually glitchy. Almost rushed but not as bad as Sonic the Hedgehog 2006. There are also side missions to do from side characters to further improve your inventory as well sort of giving RotTR an RPG-ish feel. These aren't as fun as they sound though and they're mainly fetch and kill quests. You can also buy gear from shops and unlock more hideous outfits that make Lara look like the girl from Hunger Games. I like the idea! I just wish there were things actually worth buying. All in all, Rise of the Tomb Raider is still a decent addition but it strays even FURTHER from the Tomb Raider series that it's almost an unrecognizable mess of wants and wishes. It wants to be unique but it doesn't know how to do it. It also wants to please old fans but refuses to fully commit to that idea. If you loved TR 2013, then Rise gives more of that same formula but with a weaker resolve and predictable plot. If you are a Tomb Raider vet like me and hoped this game solves what the first did wrong then prepared to be disappointed.