Rise of the Robots malfunctions quickly as a really terrible fighting game.

User Rating: 2 | Rise of the Robots AMI
Game Title: Rise of the Robots
Platform: SNES, Mega Drive (Genesis), Gamegear, Amiga, 3DO, CD32, PC (DOS), CD-I
Developer: Mirage
Publisher: Absoute Entertainment, Acclaim, Time Warner Interactive
Genre: Fighting Game
Age Rating: ELSPA: 3-10
Release Date: 1994
Game Score: 2.0/10
Rise of the Robots malfunctions quickly as a really terrible fighting game.
Rise of the Robots had an interesting concept that looked good on the trailer for it's time. The trailer showcased very amazing graphics and impressive short cut-scenes. The fighting would have given and by the terms as "Fighting moves conceived by a martial arts expert". The end result is a fighting game that is simply a uncontrollable mess.

Getting the best point of the game out of the way. The graphics are very nice. The arenas consist of virtual reality fields which do look great, the robots themselves and there animations are well done and there are some pieces flying off whenever a robot gets hit. The sound effects are good but however the music inspired by Brain May will simply not impress you cause the tracks feel generic. It's worth noting that on the PC version there's no music playing at all. The GameGear Version on the other hand has very good graphics during the cutscenes, but character sprites tend to look very pixelated but you can't argue about the handheld graphics including the generic music it plays.

With that out of the way I can took about the main problem with Rise of the Robots, the gameplay. In the One Player game you fight one-on-one against the enemy robot and beat it in a set rounds match. While the default is beat of 3 bouts but you got the option of either best of 5 or 7. You can also set the timer to either 40, 60, 80 or turn the Timer off so that the battle doesn't end unless one robot falls. You can play with a friend but however one player has to control the main robot that is Cyborg which is inconsistent for one player to not be who he wants to play as.

When the fight begins your first problems is trying to control your fighter. It's a 4 button fighter I believe where you have 1 Light Punch, Light Kick, Strong Punch and finally a Strong Kick. There are special moves in the game that you can execute but however most of the moves are unresponsive to pull off so you're mostly better off using just your regular attacks. Also the AI is really aggressive that you'll a hard time trying to defend at the time and also to attack again. Most of the attacks are delayed and sluggish that you'll always left off guard to enemies that you'll be defeated within only a matter of seconds.

There are no continues in the game so if you lose against the computer, you'll have to restart from the first fight again, and for how broken the fighting system, aggressive AI on top of no continues makes this virtual fighting arena very unfair.

Unless you're really into poorly made fighting games that try to capitalize on the Street Fighter II wagon wheel then try as you might to stop the Rise of the Robots. There are just so many problems with the game and it ends up being not only the most disappointing but also the worst you'll ever play. If you reach the credits screen and obey the "Shut the game down" Command then perhaps you should do everybody a big favour and shut the game's circuitry for good. Overall Rise of the Robots malfunctions quickly as a really terrible fighting game and with so many of SNK and Capcom fighting games in fierce contests, your time and money are best spend on them instead.
The Good Points:
1. Graphics look great

The Bad Points:
1. Slow, sluggish and unresponsive fighting controls
2. AI is incredibly aggressive even on the easiest setting
3. No continue system and there are 5 enemy robots to battle against
4. Inconsistent Versus mode
5. Music inspired by Brian May isn't impressive
Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)