OK, now I'm mad.

User Rating: 2 | Rise of the Robots CDI
You know, I tried to like this game. I really did. Let me tell you something: I'm a guy who enjoys a challenge. I really do, but this game is just plain unfair. Let me tell you why in this review.

Gameplay: Fighting

This is NOT your typical fighting game. There are no real combos as far as I know. Only a punch and a jump kick. To make things worse, you can only play as one character, again, as far as I know. I really can't understand why the developers didn't add more combos and attacks.

Graphics: Amazing

In this game's defense, it does have very good graphics that are way ahead of it's time. It's a 2D Game with 3D Character Models and backgrounds.

Story: ???

I actually don't know this game's story, as I did not get a manual with my copy of the game. Sorry everyone.

Difficulty: Impossibly Tough

I like a challenge, but this game, as I just said above, is Impossibly Tough. Because of the lack of combos and attacks, this game is extremely difficult to play.

Controls: What Controls?

Seriously, what controls? There's two buttons and a joystick. The controls are simple, but that doesn't help you in playing this ridiculously tough game.

Final Word: Well...

In the end, perhaps I was too harsh on this game. I haven't played it in a while and now that I'm older, I could probably get used to it if I dug out my old CD-i and played it again.

Final Score: 2/10

Review Written By DarkTheThief