meh, it's not that good.

User Rating: 5 | Rise of the Robots SNES
thank you for choosing to read my review! i appreciate it very much!

when i was around 7 i got this game for christmas. since i've been hearing from everyone that it's just like mortal kombat, and i like mortal kombat, i tried it out right away. i thought it was going to be fun, bloody and everything like mortal kombat. but, i played it for 5 minutes and came up with what i thought about this game. i hated it. it sucked. then, about 12 years later (which was just a few months ago), i decided to beat it just so i could impress these boys. why? cuz they said that girls can't beat fighting games (yes, i'm a girl). i thought that if i beat the game, my opinion from about 12 years ago would change. did it change? not much. i did think it was a little bit better, but i still didn't like it. at least now those stupid boys know that it is possible for girls to beat fighting games.

whatever. i still hated the game. but, there were 2 thing that i was impressed with: nearly perfect controls and nice, shiny 3d graphics.

trust me, this game had really good 3d graphics, and it was on the super nintendo (and a few other older systems).

the controls were really almost perfect. the combos just didn't work sometimes. it's just some normal problem with old fighting games.

but no matter how good the controls are or how beautiful and shiny the graphics are, the game still sucks. i just can't believe i wasted about 2 hours of my life trying to beat the game just so i could prove that something they said is not true.

oh, i never told you what the plot was! hold on... is there even a plot to this game? it's just fighting robots. well, i guess there's either no plot, or a plot nobody will ever understand.

whatever you do, do not buy this game, or download a rom of this game no matter if you have either super nintendo, cd-i, game gear, genesis, amiga cd 32 or 3do consoles/emulators. just don't buy it! it's a waste of time playing this game! it's terrible! it sucks! this game just proves to everyone that there is such thing as a bad fighting game that isn't bebe's kids! PLEASE RATE!!!!!!