Seriously, this game is rubbish.

User Rating: 3 | Rise of the Robots GEN
Just recently started playing the games I used to play when I was young, and I remembered this game.

I played this before Street Fighter and Tekken. Apparently this was meant to challenge Street Fighter on the market by Acclaim. However, it seriously failed.

The positives? It has brilliant graphics and movement for its time. I think it was released in 1994, and the movement and graphics for its time is quite good. Bare in mind, this is it's only positive.

The gameplay is seriously awful. As I first started out, I found the game impossible on easy settings. I was a newbie, and was playing it as I would with every fighting game. I found it difficult to do any real damage to the opponent, but worst of all, I found it difficult to do any real moves. Kick, punch, jump and crouch. That is all you had. The game gets boring after one battle, because the battles are the same for the player.

Once I started playing again and again. I found out it was easy to beat the game, as the computer (in easy mode) is quite stupid. You can beat most opponents by trapping them in the corner and kicking them to death. No fun in that.

Overall. This game gets a generous 3, only because of the graphics and movement of the attacks. I would AVOID this game, unless you manage to get it for free.