Amazing Campaign Better Than Previous Versions. Better Sounds,Visual, Game Play And Everything.Worth Trying For sure. :)

User Rating: 10 | Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC
Just Started Playing 3 Days Back Awesome Game Play, But I Saw Comments Over Previous Versions Were Better, But Instead Rise Of Legends Have Better Visuals, Better Graphics, Epic Campaign, Masterpiece Game Play, Various New things To Explore, Too Addictive, Amazing Sounds. Older Versions Were Not Much To Explore But Were Great Too. This Version Got Heroes With Special Abilities And Fighting Against The Darkness Which You Will Love For Sure. Better And Different Types Of Army Featuring Fire, Water And Wind. Also This Version Is Easier To Understand, Game Play Can Be Hard Depending On What Difficulty Level You Try Either Easy, Moderate, Or Hard. Worth Trying Though At Start Will Not Be so Awesome But As Your Campaign Increases You Will Be Surprised. Corruption Campaign Was The Best For Me. Microsoft Have Done A Superb Job. Hope They Make Better Version Of It Soon.