User Rating: 9.3 | Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC
I SEVERLY DISAGREE WITH GAMESPOTS REVIEW. I usually take Gamespot's review as law but this time I believe that they are being over critical.
Gameplay is fantastic. The idea of magic vs technology is very original and does not clash (gamespot thinks it clashes *spit*). Big Huge add their ideas from RoN into RoL: borders, resources gathering, etc. The race add to gamplay becuz you are not building the same unit to counter the same units; every race is different with its own strength and weaknesses.
Graphics are excellent but not the best. The magics blast of death and lasers of destruction look very good, but graphic are not state of the art perfect. The reason I am still giving graphic a high score is becuz its not about being perfect but being efficient and not overloading a PC with added effects and graphics.
Sound is not quite the best either, but i am forgiving becuz Big Huge was not the best with sound and music. But again if they had a sound and crazy music for every laser, fire ball, and animation the PC could be bogged down with all thats going on and lower the standard of the gaming experience.
Overall the game is made to not look or sound the best but to be the best. Over critical reviews (gamespot) that do not look at the game instead of thinking about their idea of a perfect game maybe RoL wouldn't have received a 7.6