Bringing the fun back into RTS multiplayer

User Rating: 8 | Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC
I've been very dissapointed with the last releases of RTS. Rise of Nations was run on some awful servers and with a very slow type of gameplay but it's predecessor Rise of Legends is really action packed while not becoming purely a click fest. Rather it is a very deep and satisfying experience where the smartest player usually will win.

The three races reminds me of old Starcraft. Very interesting and different playstyles but takes some time to get into. Counter units and economy isn't very intuitive but the game help provides help

The multiplayer services look very good and with the upcoming patch to fix some dropping issues I believe the only threat to RoL's online sucess is the amount of players online.

I've tried the Singleplayer as well and the AI is definetively fun and competent with the exception of a few suicide runs now and then. Here it is actually quite fun to play vs the computer, but like always multiplayer is where the game is. I hope you see you there!