This was all in all a very good game.

User Rating: 7 | Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC
I usually don't go for the non-turned base strategy games, but this one was very innovative and creative. Good balance of hereos, good change of locations, and good change of troops with those locations.

Most RTS that are non-turned base like CIV are usually pretty lame, same old, same old, same troops same map, yadda, yadda. But this one had a good story and good creativity in troops/locations/hereos. Not a lot to play with as far as options, but that is actually good for this game. Its makes it fun without being a hassle.

The reason I don't like non-turn based RTS is that the computer can do everything at once and by the time you get your first troops out, he's got an army at your doorstep already, this game helped balance that by not being overally aggressive, yet keeping it interesting on most maps.