Fable 2 is probably the greatest rpg in the gaming world. Well maybe not the best but it comes close.

User Rating: 9 | Fable II X360
We all know Fable 1 was good. It was great. Awesome even.
Even if Peter Monyleux was giving us a load of bull it still turned out to be a damn good game.

Now Fable 2. What can I say? It lives up to the expectations. It was everything you could ask for. But you can't ever receive a basket of goodies without some alien baby waiting to eat you at the bottom.

The combat was probably the best you could get. It was simple but very innovative. It wasn't hard. But it wasn't easy. I admit I died a few times. It was probably because I suck but whatever.

The graphics were...meh. Well I'm not saying they sucked. It's just it wasn't that great. I liked it but it could have been better.

The world was incredible. It wasn't like the Oblivion world and the loading times were freaking irritating. But it was ten times better than Fable 1 and all you could ask for.

The story. Well it was very cliche. Some dude saves the world. Wow I have never seen that. Anyways it was really short. Took me at least 8 hours. It had some fun moments but still. Not that impressive.

All the other features were really good. The jobs were addicting. The new expressions were...well they were ok. I mean the same reactions every time. It would be really repetitive. You're basically just trying to get everyone to like you (or hate you) by doing a bunch of expressions every time.

The weapons and equipment were again just OK. The introduction to guns really surprised me but I liked it. That is just my opinion. I know many of you didn't like it. The armor not affecting your defense is just stupid to tell me. You could go around wearing nothing and have the same defense as if you were in a tank. Lack of different guns and weapons really sucked. I mean katanas and long swords and hammers. We've all seen them before. Maybe something different for a change? Like uh....a whip. That would be so freaking cool. Dress up like Indiana Jones and just go around whipping people to death. The rifles and pistols satisfied me.

Overall even if it does have some annoying flaws. It still comes out as a beautiful, satisfying and addictive rpg. It would leave you playing until you found every legendary weapon, all the silver keys, all the hero dolls and bought every single structure in fable 2.

My advice? Buy it. It's good. Better than good. Good like your mama.