A very well made and presented game with a minimal amount of flaws.

User Rating: 8 | Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC
Some may think i am being overly generous by giving Rise Of Legends an 8/10 score but i think it is very well deserved.

Rise of legends is a very innovative game with a mix of the best and most interesting units i have seen in any RTS game.
It has an immersible campaign and is very fun to play with a friend. It's fun and can be a strategic game.

The most innovative things about this game are the cool units and structures ranging from musketeer infantry to glass golems!
But a very nice aspect of this game that many people play it for is the raiding and capture system.
This system is designed so when you destroy a city or a neutral structure you can capture them and even storm them with infantry so they become yours and can run efficiently when they are repaired. These buildings can include mines, unit producing factories and money making vaults.

Unlike in games like rise of nations and empire earth you can build your cities with districts that are unique to every faction. This is a very well designed part of the game and it allows you to build districts to suit your style of play.

This game has 3 races called vinci, alin and coutl. They are all unique and well balanced. The units have stats and roles that give the game a structured feel to it. Infantry have formations like volley and twin blades while vehicles can run over infantry.
They are well designed but unfortunately have chunky looking graphics and bad animations.
The sound effects and music are also excellent and fit the environment of the game.

Some of the flaws of rise of legends include the bad graphics and horrible long distance path finding and the occasional bug or crash but on the whole this game is very fun and will keep you entertained for many hours.