Almost but not quite. Too bad there won't be a sequel in which previous mistakes will be corrected.

User Rating: 7.5 | Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends PC
I got this game for my birthday and considering that I am a RPG junkie the first thing I said to my friends was :
- "What the ****?!"
But I decided to give it a try and I was surprised by this game. It was nothing like the other RTS. There weren't elves, orcs and all the other stuff that I was sick of.
The storyline was nothing much but it was ok. First going for revenge, then helping out the alin to save their kingdom from a dark "wizard" and finally saving the world from the aliens. The opening scene was awesome. In general I liked all cut-scenes in the game. The final scene was pretty cool and left a chance for a sequel but…
With some exceptions I love all units in the game. Cool looking with interesting weapons. They were so different from the other RTS that I was fun playing. I don't know whether the districts were good or bad idea because the enemy had to focus on one building only. But on the hand the city was cool looking and so huge.
Even at high settings the game was not looking different compared to lower settings. I liked the animation though. For example the Cuotl reactors, the main city and so much other things which I can't remember now, because I played it a year ago. The weather effects were cool. I think in all RTS there should be weather effects like lightnings, rain, wind etc.
In my opinion this RTS has one of the coolest end-game units ever. It's so much fun playing with them. The heroes had interesting and useful abilities.
The biggest flaw in the is the SOUND. OMG! I think the developers forgot that one of the important things in a game is the sound. Maybe that is the reason why this game was abandoned.
I hope for a sequel in which all the mistakes will be corrected. I know there is a little chance that there will be a sequel but hope dies last.