Rise of Immortals: Battle for Graxia Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Kill 20 bots in a 3vE match Bot Killer
    Kill 100 creeps in a match Creep Killer
    Destroy 3 structures in a match Destroyer
    Destroy 6 structures in a match Devastator
    Kill 2 bots in a 3ve match within 15 seconds. Double bot killer
    Kill 2 immortals within 15 seconds Double Killer
    Kill 50 ghosts in a 5v5 match. Ghost Buster
    Earn at least 10,000 gold in a match Gold Digger
    Kill 20 Immortals in a match Immortal Killer
    Win a 5v5 match King Killer
    Have at least 5,000 gold at the end of a 5v5 match. Miser
    Kill 50 skeletons in a 5v5 match. Monster Bash
    Kill an immortal before creeps spawn in a 5v5 match. Opening Shot
    Kill 5 immortals within 60 seconds Penta Killer
    Finish a match without dying Perfect Game
    Win a 5v5 match in the Halloween map. Pumpkin patch death match
    Kill 4 immortals within 45 seconds Quadra Killer
    Win a 5v5 match in less than 15 minutes. Rick Rolled
    Get 20 assists in a single match Santa's Little Helper
    Refer 10 friends to Rise of Immortals. Share More Joy
    Refer 2 friends to Rise of Immortals Share The Joy
    Get the last hit on a shrine Shrine Destroyer
    Get 10 assists in a match. Supporter
    Get 10 people to dance simultaneously in the Halloween hub within 5 seconds of the first dancer. Thriller Dance
    Win a 3vE match Tomb Raider
    Get all team members to taunt in a Halloween match. Trick not Treat
    Kill 3 bots in a 3vE match within 30 seconds. Triple bot killer
    Kill 3 immortals within 30 seconds Triple Killer

    Contributed by: Guard Master, th3l3fty