Breathtaking, an epic masterpiece of unscaled proportion

User Rating: 9.8 | Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War PC
This is undoubtedly the most eye catching game of the 2006 game season so far. This, my gaming fellows, is nothing short of giving Midway a great reputation in the gaming community. Easily, the most recognizable acheivement of Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War, is the unparalelled naval combat, and third person/first person hero command. Definetly worth the $74.47 (Canadian with Ontario Tax) or $50.99 American (i dont know the tax rate) you will ever spend. Midway has told gamers to expect YEARS of replayability, and from preliminary playing, that is sure as hell right. This game is definately worth the wait. At first, i thought this game would blow because of SSSI and their unexpected and abrupt bankrupcy, but Midway really picked up the pieces good and pulled through.