Fun game... until you lose your car.

User Rating: 4 | Ridge Racer Driftopia PC
This game is broken because of one simple mechanic... you lose your car if you wreck and don't have enough repair tokens to fix it. I spent nearly 2 hours upgrading the car you are given at the beginning only to lose it because of this mechanic. I had reached level 4 with it which made it a very capable and fun to drive car.

The way the game works is you get 40 tokens to start. This may sound like a lot but for every level you increase on your car, it takes more and more tokens to repair it. It gets to the point where it takes 4 or 5 tokens just to repair your car in order to save it from being deleted permanently. When you run out of tokens, the game directs you to the store where you can pay real money to buy more tokens. You can also sell cars for tokens but you only get like 5 tokens and you LOSE that car. They really need to fix this because as it stands a potentially enjoyable and fun to play game (a la trackmania) is ruined by this one game mechanic.