namco has been stingy with the amount of cars and tracks but the gameplay is spot on.

User Rating: 7 | Ridge Racer VITA
only 3 tracks which u can play in reverse making 6 dont seem like a lot, and i thought from day one that i would be bored of ridge b4 too long and would sell it on.
however, the gameplay in ridge racer is that good that i keep on coming back for more, the online multiplayer is great and i never have an issue connecting like i do on some other games. the other day i was against somone from china, japan, america, belgium and some other places that ive never heard off and i had a great race in which i came first. (woo hoo!)

yea, namco hasnt provided much in the way of cars or tracks, compared to the psp version we have nout, but we have much better graphics and hopefully new tracks will become available in dlc.

3 out of 10 by gamespot is sending out a message to namco to stop ripping off us players, but even with the low content id say the game deserves at least a 6 out of 10.

anyways, just to let u folks know, the game aint that bad at all, and if get the chance to pick it up on the cheap, id say go for it, dont let the 3 put you off, trust me.