Ridge Racer without its "Ridges"

User Rating: 6.5 | Ridge Racer VITA
Really I liked this game a lot despite its bad review everywhere but really what this standard setter of racing game only lacked is the content which i think can be a bit much to most but some are just right especially for trophies hunters.
The graphics is really what Ridge Racer really shine on every portable device they're in,this one for vita got some impressive visuals when compared to RR7 for PS3 this looks much better minus the jaggies.
The gameplay is fluid and responsive sometimes touchy with the steering due to lack of force feedback of vita analog stick.
Well the longevity of the game can be vary if you can accept its ridiculous repetitiveness you will surprise that you'll have plenty to unlock for those 5 cars like its engine upgrade and parts or even some extras along the way.
But if you're always hungry for content its not a game to that you want to spend your time on.
The music is surprisingly good and much better than the one from Ridge Racer 7 which is a bunch mindless dance music without anything to go along with the course or cars.
Without its stupid DLC focused idea Ridge Racer can be one of the best game in the series.
But the harm already been done to the game and gave it the unfinished,no goal feel to the game.