First impressions - a massive improvement over Steep

User Rating: 8 | Riders Republic PC

Whether you will enjoy this game or not, will to a large degree depend on whether or not you can deal with the game's attitude, specifically with the forced dialogue. It's forced both in the sense that the writing and presentation feels forced but also in the sense that it is forced on you to listen to way too often. Especially in the beginning, the game forces you to go through a tutorial. It will command you to click on a race and won't let you quit out of that prompt. During this introduction, you are bombarded with the horribly dumb dialogue, that is essentially the same as in the last few Forza Horizon games, but worse.

Beyond that however, I think this game is a massive improvement on Steep, the previous game in this "franchise". There are two major plusses for me personally: human presence and improved controls.

In Steep, if you didn't already have friends to play with, you were kinda out of luck. You could try to beat the score of other people and that's about it. The leaderboards were filled with cheaters (you could watch a video of how they achieved their score and those video's were something amazing...). There was nothing to strive for and no one to play with (note: I don't know if Steep ever tried to fix that, but it would've been too late for most of us).

In Riders Republic, on the other hand, there are several types of races in which you play with and against other people. It's like a normal game or something. Man, the more I play this game, the more I f$#%ing hate Steep and want my money back for that game.

When you go to the main map, you can actually see all the people on the map who are racing and messing around. The place feels alive.

As for the controls, Steep had this automatic thing going, where it felt like the game played for you. You could mash the buttons, do some random flips and rolls, and still land on your feet, no matter how you landed. In Riders Republic you can actually turn most of that off and, additionally, the control layout itself makes much more sense. Now it feels like you are actually in control of your snowboard. Though, if you like Steep's controls, you can revert to that.

The point is, there is just so much more. There are options to do so much, maybe even too much, as the availability of a jet pack kills the immersion a bit.

I've gotten over this game's attitude issue and the only real issue I have right now is that I keep ending in almost last place in every race. Now, I know I am not a good gamer and I am getting up there in age, but there are others like me out there and I think the game should really do a better job with matchmaking, pairing you up with people who can't play, just like you.