This game is lots of fun and has good graphics and music. The controls are easy and is for mostly people who love music.

User Rating: 9 | Rhythm Thief & the Emperor's Treasure 3DS
Rhythm Thief was a really fun game for me and I would play it when ever I got the chance. However some of my friends did not approve. They were more into Pokemon and such. It is a game worth playing especially for people who love music and have a good sense of rhythm obviously. The puzzles aren't too hard and the game's controls are easy to understand so even a newbie to the video gaming world can get it. The puzzles mostly consist of repeating a pattern or tapping an icon or button at the right time. There are a few exceptions so don't expect only repeating patterns or pressing the right button all the time. Controls are like press the A button or slide stylus on the touch screen. Nothing too difficult even my mom can play levels (and trust me it is a big accomplishment, my mom had a hard time just finding the b button on the wii remote, even after the numerous times I point it out she still can't find it), and the levels are usually harder versions of a previous played level. The music is a lot of fun and all original. Going around the city looking for sound tracks is a good way to use up some time. Story mode is a lot of fun but the multiplayer mode is nothing special. Story mode is something memorable if the music isn't. It is good the story is memorable, because when I tell a friend about a game I love I tell them about the gameplay, characters, and story. If the story is boring I won't remember the game because it is an important part of most games, it keeps the game moving forward. I like the story and love the characters. I also love how stupid the majority of the characters are. They don't recognize that it is actually the real Phantom R and not a costume most of the time. My personal favorite levels are the dance, violin, cooking, waiting, and maracas levels. However some levels are not very easy like the tilting ones, especially Enter the Waiter. It just gets to hard to tilt that fast. Good news is there are bonus levels that you can unlock, they are Fondue to the Rescue, Phantom Notes, and Family Ties. Family Ties uses 2 characters Charlie (or Charlotte) and Inspector Vergier. Other games that invole more than one character is The True Chevaliers. In these levels it bounces between characters each fighting the opponent in thier own way. The character that is on the screen for geting the grade is the one that is one the top screen in the start of the level where you can buy items to help or challenge you and where you can turn guide on or off. There are marathon modes to buy and play (not to brag but my top high scores are 999 for all four which is the highest you can get so be careful :p) which get unlocked after you play the level that unlocks the place it takes place, defiantly worth buying. There is also hard mode. Just a note for those who haven't finished the game, it doesn't change the moves you do but it does judge more precisely. Multiplayer is just playing a couple levels with a partner, nothing much but I don't think they can do better for this type of game. Download has only one game the people who have the demo can't play. Street pass is an interesting experience for me. I have gone back over my scores on normal and hard till ther were practically perfect (or somewhat close anyway) so my brother couldn't beat my scores and we pass by each other every day we both have our 3DS on I beat his score and he loses. Therefore I have about 32 fans. here are clips that are entertaining to watch and informative about what is going on in the game so don't skip through them because the next time you'll see them is if you play the game again or if you buy it from the store. The major drawback is the scoring. Say I played it one time and I got an "A" ranking. The next time I play it I get a "D" but my score was higher. The game saves the higher score no matter what the grade. In my opinion the ranking is like consistency or importance of the part because the last part of a level is usually the hardest and if you can do well on that then you might deserve a higher grade and like in a music piece in general the beginning and the end are the most important parts of the song (think of it like, the first part is when you gain enough groove to survive, the last has the last say). Still if you get upset when scoring isn't "fair" then I wouldn't play this game or at least not try to fix what isn't broken. All in all this game is lots of fun and has good graphics and music. The controls are easy and the game is mostly for people who love music. I loved the game. I hope to see a sequel from SEGA.