Best racing simulator

User Rating: 10 | rFactor PC
The best and most flexible racing simulator ever made, even for professional training, and it just keeps getting better. Online racing features the best multiplayer engine, offline racing offers an amazing challenge both for training drivers. The amount of mods, tracks, addons is overwhelming. In a few words : the best racing simulator ever made with the intention of improving on a daily basis.

The customization of hardware settings is an amazing tool which allows for all kinds of sensitivity. the ability to use innovative hardware like naturalpoint's TrackIR, professional gear from ECCI, BRD, Revzalot, Advantage1, ActLabs, intermediate range Logitech, and the software allows you to make the most out of each one. New plug-ins arrive on a constant basis to even improve it's current exceptional state, and with the full sim racing community involved in development of new features, the potential exceeds anyone's expectations.