Revolution (2002) Cheats For PC

  1. Revolution Cheat

    Select start, then run, then type in the following:

    ''C:\Program Files\Activision Value\FUN labs\RevolutionBinRevolution.exe'' -cheats -funlabs (where ''C:\Program Files\Activision Value\FUN labs" is where you installed this game)
    In the game press~ to open up the console and type one of the following commands and press enter. Note: To disable the codes replace the 1 with a 0, also there needs to be a space before and after the = sign to get the code to work

    Effect Effect
    aiDisableAct = 1 Disables AI ability to act
    aiDisableThink = 1 Disables AI thinking
    give health Gives health
    give weapons Gives weapons
    godMode = 1 God Mode
    revNextSpawn Jump to the next spawn point
    noClip = 1 No Clipping
    spMapList Shows a list of all maps to choose
    help Shows a list of available commands

    Contributed by: Legzzzzzzzz