You Don't Know Jack: Mock 2 Review

You Don't Know Jack: Mock 2 is instant fun for just about anyone that likes trivia.

You Don't Know Jack, which has long been considered the reigning king of PC trivia games, is coming back for another outing on the PlayStation. This latest installment, titled You Don't Know Jack: Mock 2, pits players against a barrage of over 800 questions, ranging from famous '80s movies all the way to obscure trivia about New England. This mix of traditional trivia and pop culture has proved to be a party favorite for many years now, and this PlayStation offering is bound to be a hit for the casual console owner as well, as it keeps in tune with the tried and true brand of snide humor that has made the entire YDKJ series so fun to play.

What makes Mock 2 different from previous YDKJ games is the fact that the each round of play focuses on one similar word or theme. While previous Jack games featured different categories, Mock 2 requires you to dig deep in your mind for everything associated with the theme that has been chosen. For example, one game featured questions about plastic - which brand of plastic was invented first, album titles from the Plastic Ono Band, and so on. In the end, it serves to add an interesting twist to something that already worked well.

The gameplay for this game could not be any simpler. The shoulder buttons activate the all-important buzzer, and the main controller buttons directly correspond with the answers displayed on the screen. Basically, this makes the game easily accessible for just about anyone to pick up and play, which is essential for party games. Visually, the game is also interesting to watch, with simple 3D shapes constantly pulsating on the screen - it is easy to get drawn into the action just by walking by. Perhaps the one feature that truly carries the game along is its host. Imagine, if you will, the most sarcastic person you know bred with your smartest friend. This dangerous combination is a close approximation of what you can expect from this game's announcer. While the commentary and delivery of questions is often hilarious, some jokes are so Dennis Miller-style obscure that they come off as awkward.

You Don't Know Jack: Mock 2 is instant fun for just about anyone that likes trivia. While the game can be played single-player, the best possible experience with this game is with a room full of friends. With over 800 questions, you'll have plenty of fun before you ever hear the same question twice. In all, this is one of the better party games available for the PlayStation.

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