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My God, it's full of planes!

War Thunder plays like a big, brassy World War II movie that does everything but wave flags. The larger-than-life attitude of Gaijin Entertainment's online simulation of combat by air and by land during WWII makes it a sprawling epic. Dozens and dozens of planes and tanks from each of the five principal nations that fought it out for freedom or fascism in the 1930 and 1940s collide on every map in wild, cataclysmic battles that alternate between intimidating and exhilarating. Battle can become confusing thanks to the sheer number of options and some interface grief, but the intense, fast-paced combat and wide range of difficulty settings save the day just like the Duke did at Omaha Beach.

Despite its scope, War Thunder is simple when broken down to its basic elements. Most notably, the game is available as a completely free download. You can purchase in-game currency to buy vehicles and skill upgrades, but because you can earn those bonuses by simply playing the game, spending is not forced upon you. Combat comes in two distinct flavors. You either take to the skies in a fighter or a bomber, or you grind it out on the ground in an armored vehicle. Matches are huge affairs involving up to 32 players. Tens of thousands of players are online at just about any time of the day or night on servers across the globe, too, so those 32 slots per game fill up. Match types involve familiar goals like destroying enemy ground forces from the air or conquering control points on the ground with your tanks.

When it comes to air combat, a trio of game difficulty settings allows everyone from casual shooters to more hardcore simmers to get comfortable. You can play in the physics-lite Arcade Battles mode, move up to the more rigorous Realistic setting, or go all-out with the grueling Simulator option. Arcade is the easiest way to play, thanks to amenities like starting in mid-flight in aerial combat and offering unlimited ammo both in the air and on the ground. Realistic mode tosses in a more punishing physics model along with the need to take off and land when flying. And Simulator mode takes the game to true flight simulator territory, planting you in a cockpit (the third-person camera option isn’t available here) and forcing your soaring feat of mechanical engineering to compete with the laws of Newtonian physics.

Most players are gravitating toward the Arcade mode, which is all about pure adrenaline. Plane physics are very forgiving, so you can soar into crazy climbs and stomach-dropping dives without fearing too much about causing a stall or tearing your wings off in mid-air. You can also get goofy with shooting and blast away without much concern about accuracy, as you’ve always got fresh rounds ready to load into the chamber (although reloading does take a few seconds, which can seem like an eternity in the middle of a battle). All of this lets you focus on pure attack and defense, whether you’re scrapping with enemy fighters, strafing ground vehicles, or dropping bombs.

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Things get more hardcore in the air with Realistic and Simulator, which move the game well into flight simulation territory. There you have to approach everything from a more tactical perspective. Physics are much more rigorous, which really underlines the differences between aircraft. This is particularly noticeable when you move up from the early-game 1930s biplanes like the Gladiator to the proper WW II fighters like the Hurricane and Spitfire. Attacks must be careful and measured. Get carried away with mid-air maneuvers and you can shear off your wings or stall out. Stalls can be pretty common here if you’re concentrating more on keeping up with an enemy than you are on what you are demanding of your aircraft. Pulling out of stalls isn’t easy, either, as this takes time that you generally don’t have in the middle of a furball. The same patience must be adopted when firing. Since you have limited ammo, you have to line up shots and only pull that trigger when you’ve got a target dead to rights. Running dry at the wrong moment can ruin your day in a hurry.

Patience is also a factor when just trying to get a aerial combat match going in the Realistic and Simulator modes of play. Fewer players are taking part here, which can mean that just lining up a game can take a long time. You can regularly wait five minutes and more until an appropriate match is found--or give up and retreat back to Arcade, where the wait time is rarely more than 30 seconds. This is a shame, as these more authentic settings of course add whole new dimensions to gameplay. They also broaden your options, allowing you to dig into more maps and take on more realistic scenarios mimicking real WWII theaters of action. There are also unlockable missions taken straight from the actual war, like engagements during the Battle of Britain, that can be played at the different difficulty settings.

War Thunder’s tank combat is more generic, regardless of the difficulty setting. So are the tanks themselves. All of them zip around and turn more like dune buggies than Panzers, which levels the playing field between the Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator modes. Sure, they don’t roll around as quickly (especially when trying to head up any sort of incline) or turn on a dime quite as easily in Realistic as opposed to Arcade, but the overall feel remains loose across the board. This has the benefit of making tank battles play more like casual shooters, which of course makes them easier to immediately get into than the aerial combat. All tanks are properly modeled when it comes to armor, as well. This lends a certain amount of tactical thinking to battles, as you can’t just pound away on any exposed part of an enemy tank and expect to do damage. As a result, it’s a must to find cover and smart firing positions.

The intense, fast-paced combat and wide range of difficulty settings save the day just like the Duke did at Omaha Beach.

Controls are crisp when flying or driving. The PS4's controller is more than adequate, and only loses the thread in a few specific instances, such as when you're called upon to take out harassing enemy fighters while on bombing runs. Simulator mode also really tests your skills with the analog sticks across the board, as you need a light touch most of the time to avoid losing control of your aircraft. Just a slight mistake at a lower altitude can result in a nose-dive into the ground. Tanks can also feel too loose at higher speeds, leading to occasions where you don't feel in complete control. Moments like these increase the twitch factor and make aiming difficult in spots. You can switch to the controller touchpad whenever you want and both move and shoot like you are using the mouse-driven control scheme for the PC version of the game, but the touchpad's small size makes it nearly useless during combat.

While using the controller touchpad during battles isn't a smart idea, it comes in very handy when trying to navigate the game's menus. Since War Thunder has been developed for both PS4 and PC, both share the same interface, with everything geared to be accessed via mouse and keyboard. This poses more than a few challenges on the PS4, largely because there are so many menus and there is so much information crammed onto the screen that it's difficult to access features intuitively. The touchpad is a better option here, although it isn't ideal because it is too small to allow you to easily move the cursor where it needs to go.

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Most of the interface is quite confusing, too. One of the best features about War Thunder is its upgrade paths for vehicles. Well over a hundred planes and tanks are included in the game, but they have to be unlocked by research and then purchased with the in-game Silver Lion currency, which can be earned during matches or purchased with real-world money. The same goes for improvements like more powerful cannons, engines, bullets, crew member skills, and so forth.

But little of this is explained in the beginning. You look to pick up something that's pretty straightforward, like powerhouse new ammo, then discover that you need to research and buy something else in order to finally equip it. It's also hard to figure out the rhyme and reason behind the structure of the in-game economy. Having both the main silver lion and the premium golden eagle currencies is bad enough, but then you toss in the related research points and the option to get bonuses on the above by purchasing a premium account, and you've got a needlessly convoluted system.

But even though the economy is more intricate than it should be, War Thunder scores big bonus points by not forcing players to spend money to compete. This is not one a freeware games that constantly pressures you to buy, buy, buy. All you get are post-mission reminders of how many more research points you could have earned just now if you had shelled out for a premium account. Although spending a few bucks helps on occasion, it isn't required for you to be competitive, as long as you've got the time and patience to indulge in some grinding. In-game accomplishments are frequently rewarded, allowing you to get on an upgrade path right from the very beginning and to keep going without spending a dime.

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Inspiring music gets you into the game from the moment that the first menu screen loads up. All of the rousing choral odes and martial tunes trumpet away as if War Thunder were big-budget Hollywood blockbuster set during WWII. Visuals are occasionally striking, if not as consistently triumphant. Maps range across many theaters of war, from undulating waves to rolling green hills, and vehicle models are comprehensively drawn, although battles rage at such a speed and such a distance that you can't afford to take much time to admire the scenery. Since so many online games--especially those with this sort of scope hosting such a large number of players--sacrifice visual quality for speed and playability, it's nice to see that few corners were cut here.

War Thunder is a sprawling WWII simulation that you can lose yourself in due to its wide scope, intense combat, tremendous number of vehicles, casual and challenging difficulty settings, and extensive upgrade paths. Also, the game is constantly growing with the addition of new planes, tanks, and maps, and the promise of naval forces and more modes of play. While the initial learning curve is daunting, this is one of those games that opens up dramatically the more that you play it, so the time commitment is worthwhile whether you're a laidback dogfighter or a hardcore simmer.

The Good
Huge range of options, aircrafts, and vehicles, for combat on the ground and in the skies
Embraces a wide range of skills, ranging from pick-up-and-play arcade settings to grueling realistic dogfights
Large community playing, so you can always find a game
Spectacular soundtrack and luxurious visuals
The Bad
Initially daunting learning curve
Unwieldy interface
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Brett Todd flew the not-so-friendly skies and rumbled around on the terra firma of War Thunder for about 10 hours in the course of writing this review.
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War Thunderis the best game. I like it so much. Now I playing it.

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TheGeneral - Russian bias was a joke, Gaijin even gave some youtubers the title "Master of Russian Bias." If you take jokes seriously, you can judge modern tanks in April fools, etc, but no one will listen to you. The game is great for all nations, (but as for the new French tree, it's overpowered.) The M18 Hellcat can punch through IS2 and IS1 from the sides, and can ammo rack a T34 through the front plate. As for planes, the Russians were always too good at low altitude, try flying above 2000m. Good day, and stop making the comments section toxic. :)

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@allmightydoge: also, it gave me your profile pic :P

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A new or updated review would be great :)

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This game has Evolved a lot since the review was made. However, the review didn't mention one very important fact about the game that has been present since the game's introduction as Free-to-Play BETA: the slight but definite bias for the russian vehicles in the game. If you think you will have a balanced game when you play, think again. If you play russian, you will survive and dish out more damage. This is a russian-made game, after all.

Apart from notable exceptions, russian vehicles are more powerful than their "rank" counterparts in the other nations. Rather than being overwhelming advantages, it's an accumulation of small to medium advantages in many aspects of combat that makes the russians look more powerful than they actually were in WWII. While most nations have to grind for very long to get upgrades that will make their vehicle perform better in-game, russian vehicles start out with good characteristics: good ammunitions, good engines, good turn rates for planes, good armor for tanks. And since the research system that gets you upgrades is based on your kills and the damage you do, you evolved faster and with less grind playing the russians. This bias is more apparent in the Realistic Battles mode because of the physics involved to which the russian vehicles are less affected by than the other nations. Also, the Realistic Battles mode makes it so that the russians are rarely mixed with other nations in missions and play as a team, multiplying their effectiveness. It is customary to see missions where the russian side has little or no casualties when the other team is dead...

A simple look at most every player's overall record shows that their russian vehicles have better win percentages than other nations. Win percentages reflect the team effectiveness rather than the player's own effectiveness. Even if a player is not very good and gets killed often and early, he can get more wins as long as he plays on the russian team, And wins yield more game currency and research points than losses...

The consequence of this is that you will be facing russians most of the time with the other nations because most players tend to want to perform well and use the russians to play the game so there are at least 1/3 of the players using russians in a game that has 5 possible nations.

On a side note, German vehicles are the second best at everything, no doubt because it was Russia's enemy during WWII and it would look bad on the Russians if they had won the war against a weak enemy.

USA's and Britain's vehicles are at a steep disadvatage overall, with some notable exceptions, again. Japan has it's glory days in the lower ranks of planes (there are no japanese tanks yet) mainly because of generic flight models and the fact that maneuverability counts more at lower speeds. Even so, russian planes are still able to defeat them because of the myriads of little advantages they have in the game. Japanese get cloobered at higher ranks because their main advantage is rendered useless by the high speeds involved.

In conclusion, this is a very good WWII simulation/arcade game but you will bang your head on your desk if you're in it to play vehicles from USA or UK and if you're of a competitive nature. Japan and Germany are OK, but you will curse every time you face the Russians, and it will often be the case considering that there are more people using Russians than any other nation.

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@thegeneral: Review update:

This game is going down the drain with every new update. The Russian bias is there to stay even though the dev team tries to make it less evident. Unfortunately, some recent patches to the game made it so that the Realistic Battles mode has become a joke with most planes in the game being now affected heavily by loss of control surfaces at high speeds, except russian planes which seem to be immune to most adverse effects.

The development team has also proved to be unable to apply good judgement in adding new, paying planes to the game which completely destroy game balance. For example, in a rare case of non-russian bias, the Germans now have a premium seaplane bomber (the BV-238) that can only be bought with real money. This plane wins every game all by itself because it is almost invulnerable to all the enemies it faces. The net result of this move from Gaijin's staff is that it is now nearly impossible to lose with Germany in Rank 2 games involving BV spams, despite the fact that this plane never even existed in real life (the only one completed was destroyed without even flying once in combat). This situattion has been going on for months despite numerous patches to the game and countless calls for change from the community.

On the tank aspect of the game, I have been very disappointed to find out that the "Crew" llevel is so pivotal in your ability to hit targets that it feels like you have no control on your destiny. Of course, the Crew Level is upgradable much, much, much faster with real money than with grinding... So be ready to die early and often in tanks if you're playing for free.

This general degradation to the game experience, and the fact that the moderation team on the chat is more and more power-happy and ordered to censor any critics to the game makes War Thunder less and less attractive. Sadly, the game is going in the wrong direction for a F2P game. It is now more of a Pay-to-Win game.

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Don't listen to the negative whiner comments!

There's no other PC decent WW2 flight combat games online like this one (aside from Il-2 but I still think this is more polished and up to date- p.s. same devs as this game anyay)

I simply love it in realistic battle mode!

Currency is confusing but that's the only negative thing about it.

Making this game free-ware and having the devs make money ONLY while on-line guarantee's the server is here to stay, un-like numerous other games where you fork out 50bucks only for the server to shutdown couple years later!!!

Anyways if you're not lazy and want to play by working your way up (like the real world), you don't have to spend a dime if you dont want to!!

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I'm sorry but this crap is way overrated, if the paywall wasn't so high it would be a good game but sadly that is the case. You'll quickly learn that the problem isn't earning in game currency but rather research that takes days even when grinding( and I'm a notorious grinder I hit general in Warhawk)...

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In the movie "The Longest Day," the Duke a.k.a. John Wayne was a Colonel for the 101st airborne. As such, he wasn't at Omaha Beach. Maybe he was w/ the 86th? Not sure, but he wasn't at Omaha Beach. I know, detail whores like me make life sad for everyone. But, just sayin'.

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What? since when does this game have vehicle combat?

Avatar image for midf1eldgeneral

Like since it started

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I find it an alright game to play, if you like shooting at the ground and getting shot at in the air. Over and over. But then again I barely play this. Haha, it gets repetitive

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i wonder if this would have scored as high if it was still PC only, or if it would have even gotten a review at all.

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really enjoyed this game on PS4.

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A good review, I find it odd, there's no infantry or water based combat/vehicles against air and land, adding that COULD make it a perfect game, Oh well, I guess you can't have everything...

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@Jshaw71 ships will be added too in the future. Also, at least for PC there are AA vehicles. BTW I boubt they will include infantry units.

Avatar image for rohitv2312

@PETERAKO @Jshaw71 War Thunder is a WW2 vehicle simulation game so no infantry units here.

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I don't know what a plane/tank simulator game would have to do to get more than 8, but there is definitely no better game in this category than WarThunder as of now.

Avatar image for nickcage74

@Majd_Abdulqadir You should try ARMA series

Avatar image for rohitv2312

@nickcage74 @Majd_Abdulqadir ARMA would suck if you get into War Thunder a bit more seriously than just casually. Plus its free and with careful planning you won't need more than $25 to unlock at least 2 nations completely. Since it gives you a month's worth premium account. Of Course first you need to get some basic combat experience or your one month of premium will be a waste.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@nickcage74 @Majd_Abdulqadir ARMA is more of a soldier sim. So, I wouldn't compare it.

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"t's also hard to figure out the rhyme and reason behind the structure of the in-game economy. Having both the main silver lion and the premium golden eagle currencies is bad enough, but then you toss in the related research points and the option to get bonuses on the above by purchasing a premium account, and you've got a needlessly convoluted system."

There is nothing wrong with this system its very simple.

After a battle you earn silver lions.. this is the in game currency, you also earn research points that go towards the current research you are doing and then also the planes you have flown in the game. You also gain special research you can use if you spend golden eagles and golden eagles are basically the premium currency that you buy for real money. So a combination of the special research you get from playing and the golden eagles allows you to research things straight away if thats what you want to do. Paying for a premium account gives you extra silver lions and extra research so allows you to progress faster and have the extra ingame cash to keep up with that progression.

Also a big note that should be added to this review is that the game is currently stil in beta and the tanks a very new addition to the game.

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gorgeous graphics. fun game play. great f2p model. lots of fun.

Avatar image for GameFan1983

amazing game, the most realistic tank combat I had in a game for sometimes, but some tanks can be very overpowered(as in real life) plans not as much, but still, who would expect a F2P game to be so excellent.

Avatar image for Caldrin

@GameFan1983 planes are the best part abotu this game at the moment.. tanks a very new addition to the game and are still not 100%

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Funny how I'm seeing less and less PS4 gamers in the game every day. At first there were loads of them, arguing the gamepad was just as effective as M/Kb. Then they started having their asses handed to them (they're usually at the bottom of the score page when they try to play fighters) and fled the game. They do better with tanks, which tends to prove that a gamepad is only really good for turret simulations.

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i was hoping we can use swastika but i guess we cant=(

Avatar image for marcyza

definitely the best f-t-p now, got to tier 4 planes, never payed a dime, kick their butts like crazy, a lot of options, nice teamplay, one can have some great tactics in a fight, I give it a niner.

Avatar image for Tranula

Hands down best free-to-play game out there right now.

Avatar image for Jshaw71

@Tranula Until H1z1 comes out, but that's just me :)

Avatar image for PETERAKO

@Jshaw71 @Tranula It remains to be seen. If H1z1 requires psn plus then I think it will be in trouble.

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Agreed on all the negative points about the interface. I have an over abundance of Silver Lions, to the point where I literally can't find a way to spend them quicker than I get them, and I have an ungodly amount of research points, but these require Golden Eagles to use, so they're just piling up. The interface is a bit of a nightmare to get used to, but several hours in I started to get the hang of it.

I've found that a lot of free to play games typically have miserable tutorials, and just kind of throw you into the deep end and hope you pick things up on your own. Warframe was the same experience for me. Still, after getting past the learning curve, I've found War Thunder to be a ton of fun. Go for all the planes with cannons on them, if you're new. Early ones I found are the Bf 110 C-4 for Germany, and the LaGG 3-8 for the Soviets.

Oh, and buy the Swordfish, it's hilariously challenging.

Also, for players worried about it being pay to win, matchmaking lines you up with other players that have similar planes to you, so as you unlock better planes, you get matched with other players who have also unlocked higher tier planes. Ensures that you can't just buy your way to a jet fighter and shoot down everyone still in a Peashooter.

Avatar image for rohitv2312

@hastati4 You have a surplus of Lions? HOW? JUST HOW? I have been researching jets for a while and I don't think i would be able to buy one immediately even after it gets researched coz the repair costs are high in tier 4.

Avatar image for _distemper

@hastati4 This may be true for AB, but for RB, it is blatantly false. In the current MM system, as you progress into higher tiers, you will find yourself going up versus jets in props very often. Of course, said props are not going to be peashooters, but because of the fact that the tiering of the planes is not determined by some value set by the developers, but by the combined statistics of the players using the plane, extremely unfair MM is often the result.

Avatar image for DanielL5583

@hastati4 The best thing is, even the peashooters can be effective.

Avatar image for deadpeasant

There are actually over 300 planes in the game now. Not sure how many tanks though. Only 2 countries have tanks and they have a couple dozen tanks each at least.

Avatar image for rohitv2312

@deadpeasant and more tanks will be added, along with more nations, and then ships....oh god the thought of an all out naval, ground and air warfare combined has me salivating.

Avatar image for kamoon2

Absolutley the best game for PS4 so far, for me the new console hardware ment Yay we can finaly have PC like games on our consoles and that's exactly what this is, provided you only play Simulator mode, the rest of the modes are the usual dumbed down childish crap you'd expect from a console game, the things that make this a breath of fresh air for consoles, is buttons are full mappable and there are thousands of them! Graphics are fully customizable, usualy we only get brightness and contrast if that, the flight models damage models etc. They've put alot of effort into, the gameplay is relentless but rewarding, it's just a fantastic game, even if your not a WW2 plane buff its fun to learn, if u don't kno the strategies u'll pick them up, the game won't tell you anything, but give u the tools to do so, its just a great game

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This is a PS4 review, but if you are going to base your decision to get into this game on PC on this review, read this first:

This is an excellent game, but it is run by the WORST developer I've ever seen in my life. Never have I seen such flagrant bias towards certain nations in the game(namely Japan), and a matchmaking system that actively PUNISHES good players for being skillful by raising the battle ratings of their planes by 1.3 if they have a positive K/D in said plane.

Essentially the way things work is this: If the devs keep making money, they don't care. They do not listen to the community, especially not the international community(Russian developer). There are some mods who try to convey the community's ideas to the main devs, but based on the ridiculous amount of bull that they've continually come up with, it's evident that no one is listening.

I've put 700+ hrs into this game and so have many others who agree with me. The grind has gotten worse, not to mention the fact that the developer suddenly decided to devalue all the ingame currency by making everything in game more expensive, without warning, and without adjusting(for inflation) the ingame wallets of anyone who had purchased the currency before the change.

At this point, you might think I'm one raging fanboy who got rubbed the wrong way. I'm not. Scroll down to see the steam reviews: http://store.steampowered.com/app/236390/

Avatar image for Caldrin

@_distemper they never increase yuor BR rating.. btu they actually drop your BR rating is you are donig really bad all the time and that is when you see the match maknig issues.. but its ok as sure you are going against planes that are a higher lvl but its generally against bad players :)

bias towards japan? in what wat a negative one or a good one? I find the japanese planes to be mostly as good as other nations.. i do find the russian planes to be OP in a lot of areas.. gaining speed, and the speed the cannons fire on russian planes, but the russian planes do have one major draw back they dont pull up very well.. saying that they are a russian company so i guess a bit of bias towards the russian planes is to be expected.

As for the devs.. well they seem to be worknig hard adding new features, planes and vehicles.. I guess they have made some odd decisions mainly the BR system.. but other than that the game is very fun to play and I ahve had no major issues with it.

Avatar image for deadpeasant

@_distemper The performance based BR handicap has been removed from the game a few patches ago because of the complaints.

Avatar image for _distemper

@deadpeasant @_distemper My bad, I just checked and you're right. Unfortunately I cannot edit my post to reflect that though.

However, news of this is not going to bring me back to the game. The fact that the BR's of planes still changed based on the statistics of players using them, and the fact that this has resulted in things like N1K2s going up versus era American jets 75% of the time, despite the fact that Bearcats are now more than capable of taking them on is just plain ridiculous.

Not to mention the fact that almost every single Russian aircraft in the game is grossly undertiered.

Like I said in the post, this is a great game with great potential, ruined by a developer with no idea what to do.

Avatar image for Gixzr

THE BAD: "daunting learning curve" ....but that is usually because it is complex or real world like, which most of the time ends up being on "THE GOOD" side of things. If it is too easy then it's no challenge-boring.

sethfrost: I love sims also so i'll pick it up for pc-

Avatar image for sethfrost

I am on the simulation side of things (HOTAS, TrackIR, OculusVR... - roleplaying the A-10C 10-30 minute startup procedure in DCS World) and I was very impressed, the first time I started this game (PC version). The quality of it - for a F2P game - was stunning to me.

All control schemes (keyboard/mouse, XBOX 360 controller, HOTAS/Joystick) are well thought out.

And the playable tanks in this game have better physics and game controls than any of the ARMA games had in 15 years.

Avatar image for MAD_AI

The game isn't hard at all on arcade mode, it's just point and shoot, full sim on the other hand you're going to be begging for a Hotas.

The only gripe with the game is the paywall, without money it'll take forever to reach the jet fighters.

Avatar image for MJ12-Conspiracy

Game would be better if it wasn't a MMO or F2P.....

the slow as crap progression means wou;'ll be spending way too much time being shot down by those who opted to pay for the best planes....I'm sure by now it's unplayable for new players.....it already kinda was even day one.....meh

Avatar image for Caldrin

@MJ12-Conspiracy its not an mmo its a lobby based multiplayer game.

You can not buy or pay for the best planes.. there are some premium planes but they are not really better than the standard planes they just give a boot to xp gain and cash gain.

Progression is fine and you do not go up against people in planes that are much more powerfull than the one you are in.. it works on a BR rating system and i think at most you will go up against planes that are 1 BR above the one you are in. Those peopel in the higher plaens are also really only against you as they have been doing realyl bad and have lost a lot of games.. anyway sure the BR is not the best thing in the world and it needs to be changed a bit but you can not pay to get any real kind of advantages without actually the game.

The game is very playable for new players and players who have been playing for a long time.

Avatar image for nommo210

@MJ12-Conspiracy The game splits players into Tiers, so beginners will only play other Tier 1 players for the most part. So you won't be fighting jets with your biplane. And If you buy the best planes, you have to play against the best players.

Avatar image for Mindwipe77

@MJ12-Conspiracy thats what i hate about pay to win games, i won't even bother downloading it.

Avatar image for Caldrin

@Mindwipe77 @MJ12-Conspiracy its nothing like that you cant buy yourself an advantage at all.. if you buy one of the premium planes that is a high BR then you will flynig against other plaens with that BR not against starter planes...

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