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Virtual Pool 2 succeeds as being both an entertaining game and an instructional tool.

VRSports has worked magic with its release of Virtual Pool 2. VR Sports has taken many strides in improving upon its earlier Virtual Pool, and thanks to its unmistakable attention to detail, Virtual Pool 2 succeeds as being both an entertaining game and an instructional tool.

Players of Virtual Pool 2 are given many gameplay options: barroom or tournament setting; amateur, pro, or expert difficulty (this affects pocket size and cut, rail, and table speed); and practice or competition mode. You can compete against other players at home or over the Internet or choose one of over 100 computer foes of varying skill levels. Virtual Pool 2 offers 12 very different types of pool games as well, from 9-ball to Snooker. There are four versions of 8-Ball, Straight Pool is a wonderful practice game, or you can invent trick shots and situations. VRSports had an eye on the rulebook, so be sure to call those shots, and every game is accurate to its regulations. To assist those unfamiliar with billiard protocol, rules are included in either the manual or in a keyword searchable help index.

Virtual Pool 2 takes some getting used to, as the table view and shot alignments are controlled by the mouse. You can zoom right into the action by viewing your shot from atop the cue ball or retreat to an almost voyeuristic perspective from the ceiling, and every angle between the two is obtainable. Gameplay physics are precise in Virtual Pool 2. The strength of stroke, cue-ball English, and impact angles are all critical factors in bagging your shot; the only thing missing is chalking your stick - that much is automatic. Practice mode also allows the use of shot tracking lines that guide preciseness, an invaluable support for long cuts or bank shots. Further aid is gleaned by viewing the included video clips, and there are over 75 here, hosted by World Champion players and illustrating everything from game basics to trick shots.

Virtual Pool 2 is a simulation that plays almost identical to the real thing. Like the original, it comes with a money-back guarantee promising to improve your actual game - and with the amount of accuracy here, it's a good bet VR Sports won't have to cut too many checks.

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    Virtual Pool 2 succeeds as being both an entertaining game and an instructional tool.
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