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Overall, Uprising X is a game that may not look visually exciting but is extremely challenging and fun.

The gist of Uprising X's story is one that we've heard a million times before: rebels, empire, devastating weapon that can kill planets, and you're the best pilot in the galaxy. It's up to you to pilot the Wraith, an experimental tank that was stolen by the rebel forces.

The bulk of the game is spent roaming around in a first-person view, shooting enemy tanks, infantry, and other enemy units. There is also a strategy aspect to the game. The strategy portion of the game is simply creating factories to make units and infantry. This gameplay aspect is very similar to that of Command and Conquer. You then get to control these units by telling them where to go. If used wisely, these units will help you out immensely. The action and strategy elements are mixed quite well and keep the gameplay fresh. Some missions are strategy heavy, while others are centered on shooting. The game tests both your manual dexterity and your mental prowess.

The control in Uprising X is a little tough to get used to, especially when you're using the Dual Shock controller. One stick moves the Wraith, and the other controls where you're looking. Once you get comfortable with the controls, you'll find that they are, for the most part, extremely smooth and lend themselves well to the fast 3D world. However, during the strategy or construction phases of the game, it's a little unclear what to do. The game has a lot of commands that you execute with multiple and simultaneous button presses. But the nicely designed training/tutorial level makes understanding the basics of the game and getting the control down less of a chore than it would have been without it.

Visually, Uprising X isn't anything special. All of the units and structures are fairly simple looking, which is fine, considering how necessary it can be to have a lot of units onscreen all at once, which the game does quite well. The game suffers from some pretty heavy fog, though. The music is of the situational interactive type. The tempo of the music ramps up when you're in an action situation and is low-key when all is serene. This, along with great voice work, really makes the world you're playing in come to life.

Overall, Uprising X is a game that may not look visually exciting but is extremely challenging and fun. And with five great two-player modes, Uprising X is a whole lot of fun as a multiplayer game. Besides that, the mix of action and strategy is fun, and fans of either genre should take a look.

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