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With each new Tony Hawk title, this franchise is getting stronger. T.H.U.G. continues that very encouraging trend.

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater series has gotten better and better since its debut on the cell phone. The latest title, Tony Hawk's Underground (T.H.U.G. Wireless), is no exception.

Like the console version, T.H.U.G. has you skateboarding through cityscapes (Jersey, New York, Tampa, San Diego, Vancouver, and Moscow in the mobile version). You finish odd yet fun tasks--like knocking out bad guys with your board--and string together moves to score points. In story mode you unlock each level as you progress, collecting bonuses like spray paint, cell phones, and competition flyers as you go.

Jamdat has somehow managed to create the illusion of freedom in a tiny wireless, making the six levels seem like 20. Longevity comes from having tons of combo options as well as great interactive level design--expect to trick off the A train and grind across telephone wires high above. The multiscreen areas don't end until the main task is complete, so much fun is had by just exploring the level without worrying about finishing.

The only caveat is that T.H.U.G. can be tough on novices since many of the 13 available moves take three button presses. At the start, pulling an Indy Grab (right, 5, 1) in the air is not easy. Luckily, the game includes an excellent tutorial, which will get anyone up to speed and ready to have a fabulous time.

With each new Tony Hawk title, this franchise is getting stronger. T.H.U.G. continues that very encouraging trend.

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    While the classic Tony Hawk gameplay is still fantastic after all this time, the new story mode doesn't make as dramatic of a change as it probably could have.
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