Tik's Texas Hold 'Em Review

If you're looking for a single-player hold 'em game with tons of options, Tik's Texas Hold 'Em should suit your needs.

Were it not for a lack of multiplayer options, Tik's Texas Hold 'Em would be an ideal game for a hold 'em fanatic. As it is, however, it makes a fine choice as a single-player game, offering a competent artificial intelligence for computer players and a veritable wealth of options for games. Your two primary game types are cash games and tournament-style games. You can set these to limit, no limit, or pot limit, and for the really hardcore, dig in really deep to set blind structures, ante levels, payout levels, and more.

The tournament options are particularly impressive; the computer can simulate multitable tournaments of hundreds of players, with AI opponents shuttling in and out of your table as they would in a large poker tournament in real life. If you get tired of these, there are customizable situational games, where you take the role of a player in the middle of certain scenarios. This lets you practice being the short stack at the end of a large tournament, for example. Tik combines all this with an attractive presentation, to boot.

The Good

  • Attractive presentation
  • Tons of options
  • Interesting situational modes
  • Competent AI

The Bad

  • No multiplayer

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Tik's Texas Hold 'Em

First Released Q4 2005
  • PC

Tik's Texas Hold 'Em offers a competent artificial intelligence for computer players, and a veritable wealth of options for games.


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