The Walking Dead: Episode 5 - No Time Left Review

The Walking Dead series shambles to a brief but moving conclusion that doesn't quite live up to the gruesome brilliance of earlier chapters.

It may have started with a hungry growl, but The Walking Dead adventure game series goes out with a soft groan in No Time Left. The fifth and final episode in the adventure franchise based on the Robert Kirkman-created graphic novels closes off the saga of Lee Everett and friends with a tearjerker of a conclusion that is suitably gloomy and moving, if not entirely satisfying when compared to the gory brilliance of the preceding chapters. The story veered off track in the last episode, losing a fair bit of steam after the introduction of an offputting new plot device--and the whole thing comes to a halt in this brief final act that lacks the devastating impact of the earlier episodes, despite more than a few heartbreaking moments. (Note: The following text includes information that could be considered minor spoilers for The Walking Dead series.)

Walkers be a-walkin'.
Walkers be a-walkin'.

No Time Left picks up where its predecessor, Around Every Corner, left off. Episode four ended with the ragtag gang of zombie apocalypse survivors stuck in Savannah, Georgia, after the notion of securing a boat and heading out to the undead-free high seas didn't work out as planned. Plucky ragamuffin Clementine is still missing, the victim of an abduction that concluded the preceding episode.

The abduction still feels tacked on, a phony way to take things back to the beginning when it was just Lee and Clem on their own. The plot has moved off on a tangent, with a new villain and a corny chase for a missing child that is miles removed from the brutal focus on survival that made the first three episodes so engrossing. The narrative flow feels forced. Too many core characters have died, and it feels like the game is being brought to a close largely because this is the final episode, not because the story is coming to a natural ending.

Aspects of No Time Left also play fast and loose with the premise that the game responds to your actions, although the game varies enough based on how you play that you may or may not see any given inconsistency. At the start of play, for instance, you head out after Clementine with a buddy or four, depending on how good you've been getting along with everyone. But after some quick scenes, you might wind up back at square one, and a group that may have just told you to get lost could immediately offers to pitch in and help find your little buddy.

It's been that kind of day for Lee.
It's been that kind of day for Lee.

Personalities and motivations can be thrown out the window, depending on the course you pursue. A previously selfish Kenny might suddenly grow a conscience, forgiving a fellow survivor for kicking off a tragic chain of events, and then risk his life to play hero. Yet the scenario might be much more organic should you have taken a different path in previous episodes. In that case, Kenny's motivations are a much more realistic blend of tough-guy bravado and self-importance, which is consistent with how he's behaved throughout the series. You might also witness some touching moments with Kenny when he finally must confront his own selfishness. Some of these conversations also flesh out the characters of Omid and Christa, who were previously as dull as dishwater.

Everything moves at a frenetic pace. You can zip through this episode in little more than an hour or so, less time than it takes to complete any previous episode. Part of the speed comes from the lack of challenge in the quick-choice combat and button-mashing action sequences. Nothing should require more than a single attempt, save a fight near the end of the game with a gun-wielding nutcase.

There isn't a great deal to look at or listen to, either. Visuals are limited, mainly because most of the game takes place in just a few rooms and on a couple of narrow streets crowded with zombies. The game does a great job of making you feel hemmed in by undead, though. Crowds of the shambling stinkers pack the streets, alleys, and homes of Savannah. You can always hear them groaning away, and even when you are safely indoors, they are sometimes visible right outside, shuffling past windows as an ever-present threat. The Xbox 360 edition suffers once again from a murky color palette (though this problem is less drastic than before), and the PS3 version gets occasionally choppy, but the production values are largely identical across platforms.

Shambling horrors and empty hallways.
Shambling horrors and empty hallways.

Dialogue might be somewhat restricted, largely due to the ever-shrinking supporting cast, though you may still experience moving, in-depth conversations depending on the composition of your group. The conversations that you do have seem to have been speeded up. Less time is available to choose answers, because you're hustling for reasons that are clear if you played episode four. There are some great moments in the script, however, particularly a gruesome surgical sequence that recalls events from the graphic novel.

The voice acting also remains superb. The acting and dialogue are better here than in the last couple of episodes, in spite of the inconsistent characterizations. Characters get along better here than they did earlier, and there is more depth and nuance to their lines. This is especially true with Kenny, who is much more rational now in comparison with the whining caricature of the last two episodes. Omid and Christa share more of the spotlight during the search for Clem, too, which makes them finally seem like worthwhile additions to the cast.

All aboard!
All aboard!

The finale makes an attempt to tie the game's villain to earlier events, but the explanations aren't solid enough to make his actions plausible. The character feels like a deus ex machina figure plopped in to assess Lee's failings as a human being and look back at the whole bloody mess that has unfolded since the dead woke up absolutely starving. This angle was awkwardly shoehorned in as a big surprise at the end of episode three and never properly integrated into the plot, which was previously doing just fine by concentrating on evading zombies and finding an escape route via sailing away from Savannah. The villain is creepy, at least, and a nifty scene following the credits brings everything to a suitably uncertain conclusion that is either heartwarming or downright spooky. Either way, the stage is aptly set for a second series.

No Time Left provides a fulfilling sense of closure to this first series of Walking Dead episodes, even while it strays from the story and characters that were developed in the earlier episodes. After starting strongly with three fantastic chapters, the plot got derailed once the group reached Savannah in episode four and never fully regained its momentum. Still, the complete package of five episodes forms a great adventure when looked at in its entirety. The whole game features memorable characters, countless scenes packing big emotional wallops, and plenty of grisly gross-out horror, so it has to be highly recommended despite a few stumbles near the finish line.

The Good
Closing scene finishes off the story in heart-wrenching fashion
Claustrophobic atmosphere with hordes of zombies all around you
Some great moments with the script and voice acting
The Bad
Shortest episode of the series, clocking not much more than an hour
Disappointing final confrontation
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Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Egads. Five episodes in and there are still silly model animation glitches, like this one about a bobbing ceramic bust.

Avatar image for rickphoenixxx

Without a doubt, the worst ending i have EVER seen. The whole five chapters revolved around keeping Clementine safe and your main protagonist Lee(who is an amazing character with depth) just feels like a mere babysitter up until the end. Clem is a whiny brat who doesn't appreciate Lee at all and just wants to find her parents, even though Lee does everything he can to keep her safe the whole time. And one of the few times he doesn't have her duct taped to his hip, she stupidly gets herself abducted and Lee gets bit because of it. But what's unforgivable is a game that actually asks me to cut off my own arm to avoid turning into a zombie, and then kills me at the end anyway for no good reason. And setting up Clementine to be a main protagonist(Ha!) in the next chapters make's Lee's death even worse. Bullshit endings can ruin any otherwise good game, or "point and click adventure" like this one.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

@rickphoenixxx: I think that you are just angry that Lee gets offed.

I have seen stories like this many times before. After the game has shown so many notifications about Clementine learning something, I already knew that Lee will kick the bucket.

However, I do agree that the plot twist just seems too convenient, namely the circumstance of how Lee got bitten.

Avatar image for neon_xeon

Brett Todd,You sir must be fired for life....i mean what more DO YOU WANT FROM AN EPISODIC ADVANTURE game?i never played any point click game because i simply got bored with puzzle and stupid stories but this episode story is even better then ANY post apocalyptic movie i ever saw or played a game...i mean seriously this definitely is the best episode in the series and the best game in point click advanture this easily gets 9.5 and from me a perfect 10

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

@neon_xeon: Firstly, he was and still is a freelance game reviewer, so he can't be fired at all.

Also, he's a mayor now. ;)

Avatar image for nomailx

I don't like these kind of game's pretending that you have choices through out the story. In fact, you never have choices in the outcomes that matter the most. *** Spoilers Ahead *** For example, your protagonist always dies, or you can never save the journalist, nor the little boy from being bitten, etc... Your choices affect only irrelevant situations like who accompanies you in one quest, or else. If you want to enjoy this game, just watch it, and keep the interaction as some kind of fun feature. It's not really a "game".

Avatar image for weisguy119


My comments below contain major polt spoilers for those who haven't played the game. You've been warned.

Avatar image for weisguy119

This game had an interesting story that got kind of corny towards the end. Who leaves their car abandoned and unlocked with the keys in it and gets THAT pissed when someone comes along in a post-apocalyptic, scavenge-or-die world and strips it clean. Who wouldn't pick the car clean? You'd be a supreme idiot not to. There are no morals concerning thievery in such a world when people in your group are starving and in need. You do what you gotta do. Everyone in that setting would understand that. The guy should've parked the car off the road, locked it (for what little good that would do) and hid it with branches and leaves or something. Protect your own or lose it. It's not Lee's fault the guy was a moron. If I found the car hidden and locked, I'd be more inclined to try to find its owners before stripping it clean. Leaving it unattended and so easily accessible, the way he did, makes me think something happened to them and it's there for the taking. Also, why didn't Kenny just pop Ben in the alley and get out of Dodge? If he wanted to off himself, there are much easier ways to go - especially when you come upon more ammo.

Avatar image for Gallesh

Wow.. I cant believe Brett Todd is still reviewing games. (WTF)

After the disastrous game reviews he had done in 2007 i always assumed he was fired or just hanged himself.

Please just dont pay attention to his reviews, this guy knows nothing about games..

Avatar image for Neil211

I'm sorry but this episode was pure perfection. I haven't seen a story this good since "The World Ends With You". The climatic ending with Lee and Clem actually made me shed a few tears o.0

Avatar image for daabulls23

It was a good ending. At the end of it all, it wasn't about having a big climatic fight against a bunch of zombies. It was about the relationship between Clem and Lee, and how much Lee went through to basically save Clem.

Avatar image for aquaphx

7.5 is right.

i'm gonna skip the next season. after episode 3, i just pick any option because it doesn't matter.

Avatar image for Pickleking23

I disagree. This was an amazing ending, almost flawless even. I would personally give it a 9.5. So heart-wrenching and so well done. Voice acting was top notch to add.

Avatar image for vault-boy

There are some valid complaints here, mostly being that it was a little short and not very climactic BUT it had some of the most emotional moments the industry has ever seen. For me it would go from best to worse 2-1-5-3-4. All in all the game deserves somewhere between a 8.5-9.0 and I can't wait for season 2.

Avatar image for outlawst

no spoiler :after the accident at the final event in 4th episode,they ruined the last episode,cause you already know what will be happens next,there were no surprise in the main story at the last episode,but after all the whole series was so fun to play.

Avatar image for buckwild73

I liked the 2nd episode most in this series but this episode a close second. As good as the TV series imo but with more emotion & better characters.

Avatar image for iempire68

that was so sad. great story. glad i had the experience.

Avatar image for Gamemaster_94

This game was just... pure awesomeness. Really awesome ending. Thanks Telltale for this outstanding series! :D

Avatar image for renome

A quality series, but mediocre last episode (except the emotional ending).

Avatar image for ewjiml

SO this is the only video game that nearly brought me to tears. I agree with the reviewer saying that it is short, and I do wish they fleshed out the conclusion more. But the series as a whole, I would give a 9. Great acting, dialogue, and enough variety to keep me going. If people are pissed about the ending, they should be because it is absolutely brutal.

Avatar image for 3413acv

for downloads

Avatar image for pseudospike

The whole game (all episodes) easily deserves a 9.0!

Not only is it the best zombie game ever made, not only does it have some of the best heart-string tugging writing in the history of games, not only that but it is also a unique take on the Adventure genre.

Giving this a 7.5 just because it's short is like giving RE6 a 4.5 just because it's not what you expected...oh wait...

Avatar image for cyborg100000

Great series, emotional ending, can't remember another game that brought a tear to my eye. Very tense episode all the way through, one of the darkest games I've played.

Avatar image for FreakshowGamer

I absolutely felt this way after I completed it. It felt so rushed and weird. The conclusion was so anti-climactic and the guy at the end was so useless to the story. Episodes 1-3 were amazing, 4 was good but then 5 just sort of stirred up my feelings for the series as a whole. I don't know what to say.

Avatar image for ao28

Even though it is the shortest episode, I do believe it was the best one. The intensity was extremely high and I have never been more emotional during a game or even a movie. As gut wrenching and horrifying the ending was (it also made me cry), I would not have it any other way. Almost all of your choices are at least mentioned in this episode, even little dialogue choices. What I thought of shortly after was how this was the complete opposite of the mass effect 3 ending. While both are amazing games, mass effect, while it is an excellent game, completely botched the ending, as none of your choices matter and I felt like I did not get a full conclusion. Walking Dead was also an amazing game, but the end was its best moment. pretty impressive for 5 episodes at 5 bucks a piece. Can't wait for season 2!

Avatar image for q-bert39

The whole "stranger" (aka pedophile rapist on the radio) plot was retarded and unneeded. None of them died proper deaths.

Kenny completely broke character and sacrificed himself to save a radio they didnt even need/use. They botched the last few episodes in a half hearted attempt to add suspense and emotion.

Avatar image for paragonnova123

i think that this is areally good game

Avatar image for scrkpr

Whoever wrote this is an idiot. Who cares if it's too short? It was an hour long, but it left me more emotionally drained than any game I've ever played! What ever happened to quality over quantity?

Avatar image for Robspace1

The ending was bad. It left everything in limbo and way too many questions not answered. But, wait a minute folks- alas! This was not the end, no. Word is out that the next part is being made now. So, it's not over yet.

Avatar image for SirenAries

im so happy another reviewer pointed out how the final episode was the weakest. the length and the abrupt unsatisfying ending was just not worth it. the game just ends and seems unfinished vs a proper cliffhanger or closing. im all for cliffhangers, but dont just end it like that, totally felt cheap and was not worth all you had went through waiting for the episodes and just how amazing the game really is. it seriously just ends and you dont know anything about the outcome. its like theres scenes missing. i was so disappointed in this episode.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@SirenAries So what other ending would be good in your opinion?

Avatar image for SirenAries

@Vojtass i didnt have an issue of what happened, it was just how it was done. theres a giant gap between the scene before the credits and after. it seemed very cheap and more like a budget restraint than what could have been. it wasnt what happened, it was how they portrayed it that was really weak. reminded me of the ending in "Angel" terrible ending for the fans. instead of feeling like, wow great ending cant wait to see what happens. it was after all that, they ended it like that. you gotta be kidding me. bad directing.

Avatar image for Vojtass

@SirenAries So what would you do if you were a director?

Avatar image for zmija58

I really really don`t understand why people would cry at the end of this...????I mean everything that happend in the e5 (only the introduction scene was like...hey holy **** they will not do this...oh hell...they will) was so predictable ...And the end...was not sad, was not surprising! It was a bit emotional ...if I were a 9 year old! I mean "Founding Nemo" was more emotional...For me the most disappointing was that no matter what decision You make during Your adventure the final outcome is always the same. It reminds me of another game from this year...and that wound is not healed yet so...

Avatar image for ansabalirai

@zmija58 Watch out, we got a badass over here.!!!!

Avatar image for ewjiml

You didn't cry because you are that hardcore.....bro....

Avatar image for tmrtyn

Man, I hadn't cried that much in a game since Tifa died xD

Avatar image for twister_nt

I agree with the final score here. No matter what choices were made, the same people *had* to die in the end. Very disappointed- it would have been game of the year, until the ending- the zombie slaying in the street was pretty bad-ass though :)

Avatar image for SUNDRAGONJ

I give it an 8 or an 8.5 at most. The story was brilliant, yes it was short but the story telling is really what matters and they did it right! If they don't make a sequel then they will be letting a lot of fans down, including this one.

Avatar image for wyan_

The final boss in this episode is Steve Pavlina.

Avatar image for AlisterFlint

by some aspects, TWD finale could be disappointing: too short, too sad, not enough people make it through, you name it; BUT compared to so many supposedly "top" games flooding the market, TWD still stands its grounds because at least TTG tried to deliver quality all the way; and that's refreshing, nowadays.

having said that, it's true it's too short. :)

Avatar image for SebMillGermany

Most of the people playing games as mean of distraction or escapism want a happy ending, or an ending full of glory, even if that included a sacrifice (Like Tassadar in Starcraft), however, this can`t be applied to The Walking Dead.I loved that ending.

Avatar image for lester850

Well I played the game twice and chose different option every single time. My first Lee was more like a leader who tried to take care of everyone and the second Lee was a jerk (I even chose "..." if all the available answers were too good). But sadly the progressions of the game from both playthrough are the same. I'm somewhat disappointed because I was expecting different routes and multiple endings.

The stranger and Kenny storyline is just the example of it. From one playthrough their motivation is very believable and the other one I would say what the hell would they've thinking?

Avatar image for D3nnyCrane

@Gelugon_baat Cannot stop laughing

Avatar image for D3nnyCrane

My god you are the biggest f*cking autist.

Serious question, are you autistic?

Avatar image for D3nnyCrane


No it's an objective fact, you dunce. And yes I am aware doing things takes time, but thanks for the refresher course.

Avatar image for D3nnyCrane

It blatantly displays the exact opposite.

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