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The Sims 4 Review

  • First Released Sep 2, 2014
  • Reviewed Sep 10, 2014
  • PC

The minigame of life.

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Control-shift-C-"motherlode." It's a series of commands that every Sims player knows, the one that infuses your bank account with precious simoleans for buying the fanciest lamps, laying the plushest carpet, and landscaping with the most impressive of shrubbery. Few games are so defined by their cheat codes, yet if you want to move a digital family into an upscale abode without devoting dozens of hours to building up funds, this code is your ticket to affordable maid service and plush window treatments.

This approach treats The Sims as a dollhouse, a role that The Sims 4 fulfills with some aplomb. If you want to build but prefer not to micromanage the details, the game comes with various prearranged rooms that you can fit together like Tetris pieces, but if you're devoted to the arts of architecture and interior design, you have the series most streamlined set of buying and building tools yet. Buy and Build modes share the same interface, making it simple to mix creation and decoration rather than forcing you to approach each activity as an opposing side of the same simolean. Stretching and dragging walls into properly modular rectangles? It's as easy as knowing how to use a mouse and keyboard. Not sure what category a chess set falls under? Just type a keyword into the search field and select the best match. Given the conflation of two modes into one, and the amount of categories to sift through, The Sims 4 does a creditable job of leading you right to the objects and tools you're seeking.

On the surface, there would seem to be more than enough styles and objects from which to choose: sofas of various shapes and colors, tiles for making your bathroom as 1970s-era-tacky as you'd like, and other means of personalizing the homes of your little computer people. When the time comes to set up a life of leisure, however, the boundaries become more rigid than they first appear. The Sims 3's Create-a-Style options, which let you texturize and paint your surfaces and textiles in intricate ways, has been dropped, leaving only predetermined colors in their place. Color can make a great throughline for aesthetically linking various shapes and styles, but should you gun for an eclectic interior, you quickly find that objects don't always have the same hues available between them. Mixing and matching can make a room look more random than refined; the Create-a-Style option provided a means of connecting disparate decor, and its loss diminishes creativity.

In fact, The Sims 4 as a rule feels diminished when compared to even the vanilla version of The Sims 3, before it had the benefit of add-ons that let you be a ghostbuster and live in high-rises. Much has already been made of the features that didn't make the cut, but even if you don't have a list of those features on hand when you play, the squashed purview is apparent. I didn't mind the small lot I initially laid claim to until I decided to splurge on a telescope, an item that at one time was compact enough to fit into a small corner of the yard. By contrast, The Sims 4's starting telescope, a gargantuan beast that most amateur astronomers would kill to own, couldn't fit, and I ultimately erected it on a public lot, in front of the library. Previous Sims modders (and a Sims 2 expansion) had introduced microscopes to the mix, but I had no room for the lab-quality colossus in The Sims 4. Limitations, limitations, limitations. It wasn't The Sims I had gotten used to over the last several years.

Creating a nice home is simple--provided you don't want a basement.
Creating a nice home is simple--provided you don't want a basement.

The Sims 4 doesn't just take away. It has presents to give, too, in the form of new kinds of social interactions, objects, and other charming detours that make keeping an eye on your sims a sheer delight. Multitasking is at the forefront of these changes: sims greet visitors without putting down their cereal bowls and chat while gardening. Using the toilet is also not an event your sims have to fully focus on, and I laughed heartily when the digital version of myself sat on the john while playing games on his tablet; it really was like peeking in on a little me. My sim daughter, meanwhile, felt it was appropriate to drink her orange juice while peeing, a combination of activities I am not sure I can support.

I am not sure I should share my misgivings with the young woman, though. In The Sims 4, sims are quite moody, getting embarrassed should you send one sim to the shower when another is seated on the toilet, and getting randy when they're in the vicinity of their spouses. You're constantly pushed to take advantage of these moods, earning points for small accomplishments that you spend on rewards that provide temporary buffs (get energized immediately!) or permanent enhancements (never get fired!). Sims also gain access to new kinds of social interactions when they get moody--angry sims want to get in fights, embarrassed sims need reassurance, focused sims want to play chess, and so forth.

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Hand buzzers and holographic video games: Entertainment at its best!
Hand buzzers and holographic video games: Entertainment at its best!

Changes in mood are accompanied by predictably ridiculous exclamations in the gibberish language known as simlish. One sim I closely maintained was particularly mischievous, fooling neighbors with a hand buzzer and insulting anyone that dared assemble at the club while she sucked down a nightcap. I would have her make fun of other sims' clothing, which she did in an adorable snotty tone, causing her victim to recoil in horror at her obnoxiousness. I gave that same sim the snobby trait, and selected a default walk animation which had her head tilted upwards so that she could look down her nose at the plebeians that dared walk the same Earth. Watching her strut her stuff was consistently wonderful, though she wasn't the only digital person worth keeping an eye on: miniature me would use books as puppets, opening and closing them like mouths and mimicking what they might say before cracking them open and actually reading. Watching your sims in action means having a frequent smile stretched across your face.

Turning these individual activities into long-form stories isn't as compelling as it was in The Sims 3, however. The previous game's open world, which allowed for seamless travel and smooth multi-sim control, has been replaced by smaller lots separated by loading screens--a system that harks back to older games in the series. Having to stare at a loading screen when you want to travel to the park is distracting enough; moving back to your home lot to maintain other family members and finding them standing stiffly in front of the house, waiting for your commands rather than naturally going about their business, is even more so.

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Death and woohoo. The circle of Sims life.
Death and woohoo. The circle of Sims life.

The deeper you wish to go, the more roadblocks you stumble upon. Perhaps it's sensible that a game with no large spaces to traverse would not feature bicycles, but I still miss riding across town, zooming over hills and through valleys until I reached the graveyard and harassed the ghosts there. Not only is transportation gone, but so are the hills and valleys, all of them smoothed out into a uniformly flat surface that doesn't support basements or terraforming. Elsewhere, the emphasis on specific tasks detracts from the freeform noodling. When giving my first birthday party, for instance, I was so focused on fulfilling assigned tasks like serving drinks that I failed to notice how differently The Sims 4 handled birthday cakes than its predecessor. I missed being able to simply buy the cake, scatter around some balloons, and have a wonderful time. When I had failed to please the birthday girl, I didn't feel as though I hadn't given everyone a good enough time--I felt like I hadn't clicked on the right things in the right order. It is in that distinction that you find the difference between The Sims 4 and its predecessor.

In short, The Sims 4's biggest problem is that The Sims 3 exists, and describing where it stumbles by necessity means looking at where the series has been. This is a lovely and lively game that elicits constant smirks, but The Sims 4's moments never feel like part of a bigger picture. Spontaneity is limited in turn, which brings me back to that gargantuan telescope now sitting in front of the library. Gazing at the stars means enduring a loading screen, and while I appreciate the top-level commands that I can issue to family members playing in other lots, simultaneously spending time with other sims means enduring even more loading screens, or forcing my family to travel together. I love looking at and listening to The Sims 4, but those little digital people aren't so enchanting as to keep me hooked--not when a decked-out version of The Sims 3 is far more inviting.

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The Good
Colorful visuals and fantastic audio make watching your sims a joy
The core build and buy tools are both robust and accessible
Moods and multitasking lead to hilarious sim actions
The Bad
Cramped structure limits personal stories and restrains multi-sim control
Far too many series features have been frustratingly pruned or removed
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Kevin VanOrd can't count the number of times he wearily dragged himself to bed at four in the morning while playing the original Sims. He has nurtured two large households over the course of 30 hours or so for this review. He still feels weird having watched the maid walk around his digital sim's dead body while she cleaned the kitchen.
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Avatar image for Yams1980

I just started this game with all its DLC and its 2017. I must say i like it. But i can't imagine playing this game at its base, EA milked the shit out of this game because i have Sims 3 and noticed it came with so much more than the base game of Sims 4.

Lets hope if they make a Sims 5 they will be less greedy and provide all the Sims 4 content into the game at launch instead of this cycle of DLC cash milking.

Don't let the awful reviews stop you from playing, its a very good sandbox game now and has insane amount of free mods to download for it. I can only recommend this if you can get the game and all its DLC for less than 100 dollars. The mods are what really adds a lot to this game, and pretty much all are free and easy to add to the game unlike in Skyrim where you have a lot of conflict problems and its a real mess even with a fine application like Mod Organizer.

Its weird cause i only had the base game of Sims 3 and liked it a lot, which shows it was a fairly decent base game... tempted to get the expansions for it sometime but who knows. Base game of Sims 4 is just a prime example of EA's filthy corporate greed, luckily if you never played the game you can likely get it a decent price with all its DLC for not too much also if you find the right price... its too bad its not on Steam yet or im sure there would be great sales for this game.

Avatar image for gamemastersquid

@Hekteur:How does having more money make you better?

Avatar image for gamemastersquid

@lovegaming: It was fun for a little while they just need to add more stuff to it so it won't get boring so quickly. Sims 1-3 was able to succeed this because the base game would satisfy you enough to make you go out and buy the expansions and dlcs although you could get higher quality by going to third party websites and unfortunately Sims 4 still hasn't quite hit that level yet. Maybe in another year it get better but I seriously doubt it knowing EA.

Avatar image for lovegaming

Having played TS since its first release, I stayed away from TS4 because of the many bad reviews I was reading. My curiosity won the best of me however and I bought it on sale in December 2015, and now I'm unable to put it down. Yes, it is a different game and features have been taken away/added, but this is a new game, not an update to TS3. The focus is more on interaction and bringing you in as a member of a household, developing them and helping them to evolve. The game accomplishes this with new camera angles, animations, and game logic that surprise you and make it fun. It is actually rewarding to develop generations of family members and to help them grow in wealth and knowledge to achieve goals. I find the changes made bring me into the story line even more than before. The new interface immerses you into the world you create, and you may actually feel a pang of sorrow when one of the sims you've developed ages and dies. I deplore cheats, and find building a sims knowledge and wealth to be the core challenge of this game. Finding new ways to educate/develop ones sim and guide them through a career path is a challenge and entertaining. A sims attributes, dreams, and personality all come into play in this dramatic setting. You will also appreciate the custom content and its ease of use from the content creators out there. It's free, and much of it absolutely amazing, adding yet another layer to your sims. I can honestly say that I am disappointed in myself for having listened to critical reviews, and wished that I had given the game a try for myself sooner. Lol, and no, I do not work for Maxis or EA, and I am giving an objective review.

Avatar image for ashdragon1

Of course a female does the review... and the first thing she does is compare it to a doll house... Still waiting for the day we get actually real game reviews from women.

Avatar image for FBohler

@ashdragon1: This is a KVO review, only voiced by a female....

Avatar image for ajames600

I'm a Simmer Since the age of 8 YEAH IT started with SIMS 1 then Sims City and SO on!!! Im Actually 19 NOW!

PEOPLE are totally Crazy and keep on Complaining. THEY ARE MAKING A GAME WHICH IS "HARD PILL TO SWALLOW' BUT ITS TOTALLY WORTH IT...SIMS4 IS IN TRANSITION WHEN IT COMES TO ADOPTING THE NEW 3DCGI GRAPHICS AND EDITING .....Yeah They Trim a lot of FEATURES in SIMS 4 UNLIKE Its Predecessor they CONTAIN a lot of Features, but they add a lot of features also that cant be found in other SIMS Franchise...... Like 3D and FEATURED RICH CAS making you can also create an ALIEN SIM, THE CLOTHES RICH OF CHOICES AND COLORS, the PULLING and Tagging of WAllS,Roof and DELICATE HOUSE Customization when it Comes to Building HOMES..... YOu CAn actually Control your Sims when it's Working Like the Scientist, Detective and Medical Jobs....Yeah Even My Boy Sim was ABDUCTED and and GAVE birth to AN alien..... The Hightech Laboratory Gadgets that can be placed on your Backyard..... Like the NASA TELESCOPE,SPECIMEN Analyzer and ROCKET LAUNCHER that you can actually UPGRADE and CONTROL, No need to take care those annoying BABY because it has no stats yet, YOu can Have an AMAZING PARTY Get-AWAYS!!!, You CAN MAKE YOUR OWN RETAIL STORES, YOU CAN STYLE the MANNEQUIN, MULTI TASKING FEATURES, QUICK LOADING.....

Avatar image for masterx2209

haha yeah ;)

By the way , for people interested in a good deal, sims 4 at G2A:

Save some $$ i would say, this game stays pricy for a long time...

Avatar image for topgun182

The only expansion pack this game needs is the one that expands the immediate world.

Avatar image for topgun182

The Sims 4 is to the Sims series what Flight was to Flight Simulator. What happened to FS by the way?

Avatar image for remporio

I think The Sims 4 is fantastic! Yeah sure, they left out a lot of features that they had in The Sims 3. But, i LOVE the multitasking feature & how it shows the mood of my sim. & i found it really interesting when your sim is pregnant it shows which trimester you are in. The loading screens are SO quick. But i do think it's ridiculous to have a loading screen just for going next door. But, you guys got to realize Just like Ian Williams said, The Sims 3 was pretty bad when it first came out. Give it a chance, & i mean come on it's The Sims, you don't think they wont add expansion packs & downloadable content on there? Keep doing what you're doing Sims producers, I love The Sims 4 the graphics are great and i love that you can really make your sims look however you want them to.

<a href="">pc games</a>

Avatar image for notmoose_

It's 2015 and the SIMS 4 - I expected so much more.

I feel like they rushed the release for this. It's just so incredibly basic -- and I know base games are but this one just feels incomplete.

The SIms themselves have got brilliant new features, they look great but there are so many limitations when it comes to creating an actual world for your Sim to live in. The amount of content seems okay at first but once you really get into the thick of making an actual house for your family there isn't much furniture at all and while the different colour samples they give you to decorate seems like a lot, after you decorate a few rooms, it really isn't. They've done away with Create-A-Style and it's such a big mistake.

I've rarely travelled outside of my house because I've got no bloody patience for the damn loading screens and honestly, there's not much of a town to see anyway - there's not much to actually DO. I think there's maybe three or four 'public' lots to visit and if you've played chess in the park in Sunset Valley, you've played chess in the park at Willow Creek.

Waited to whole days for my game to arrive with the postie, it's not even been a full day since I installed it and already I'm bored of it. It's not wroth the $70. I would honestly rather play Sims 3.

Avatar image for sathsaraadeesha

game is good but they need to develop expansion packs with more thing like jobs ,religions, opportunities , cities , travels etc...

Avatar image for chancesmagic

The Sims 4, or the failure of all sims as I call it.

You are limited to do things, and didn't have pools tell recently.

The game you can only download once to one account (A HUGE DOWN FALL)

For example I had gotten the game downloaded had it for a few months took a few month break from playing and my account wouldn't let me on so made new one tried reput it on that one, that is a no go. (Waste of 60 dollars right there)

Not to mention EA support is useless 90% of the time.

The kids are cool but hard as hell to get thier grades up not to mention you got limited places to go and things to and where to live.

The moods spam like crazy, The traits are boring, and limited hairstyles and clothing from the game base with out mods.

The game is a total bore and not worth buying.

Avatar image for chancesmagic

The Sims 4, or the failure of all sims as I call it.

You are limited to do things, and didn't have pools tell recently.

The game you can only download once to one account (A HUGE DOWN FALL)

For example I had gotten the game downloaded had it for a few months took a few month break from playing and my account wouldn't let me on so made new one tried reput it on that one, that is a no go. (Waste of 60 dollars right there)

Not to mention EA support is useless 90% of the time.

The kids are cool but hard as hell to get thier grades up not to mention you got limited places to go and things to and where to live.

The moods spam like crazy, The traits are boring, and limited hairstyles and clothing from the game base with out mods.

The game is a total bore and not worth buying.

Avatar image for jemsyeya

Sims 4 not worth 60 bucks, if your planning on buying it, get ready to be disappointed.

Avatar image for jemsyeya

I am very disappointed about the development of the sims 4. The game is very limited, when traveling to library, gym, etc... all you see is the loading screen, The map view looks like a childs game compared to the sims 3 - "embarrasing developer" what happened??? Only about 3 or 4 empty houses to choose from when creating a sim and about 2 or 3 empty lots and not to mention the lots are small. You would think the sims 4 was going to be one of the best games after playing the sims 3 but it's very disappointing. Very limited, DEVELOPER YOU HAVE A LOT OF WORK TO DO IF YOU WANT THE SIMS 4 TO BE BETTER THAN THE SIMS 3........

Avatar image for nyran125tk

"In short, The Sims 4's biggest problem is that The Sims 3 exists "

In short, The sims 3 and sims 4's major problem for me is , The Sims 1 + Expansions 8 in 1 and The Sims 2 + all expansions exists and with todays technology The Sims 2 actually runs fast now. It use to load terribly slow with expansions, now with todays hardware it runs fast.

Avatar image for Oni

I just wanna thank Will Wright for creating such an amazing franchise, then selling it to EA who've completely destroyed it. So thank you Mr. Write, you've made your mother proud.

Avatar image for Hekteur

@Oni his mother has to be really proud since he got to make at least 10000000 times more money than you do.

Avatar image for TacticalTimbo

(03:42) 'travelling with SOCIALJUSTICE' Mmm, okay...

Avatar image for Silvery-Corgan

Seriously. I don't know why you just don't embed the YouTube videos in the page instead of hosting reviews on your own. The player is very laggy as buffering stops the video about every 20 seconds and I can never watch a review properly on so I always need to wait until it's released on YouTube.

Avatar image for TJsimulation

The sims 1 expansions were actually worth it. They added features, a bunch of items, and hours of gameplay. I remember when I got Hot Date and Superstar for the first time. I played those two when they came out for hours on end and I would lose track of the time easily. The NPCs they added in were also wonderful features. They were the ones you loved or the ones you loved to hate (looking at you, Mrs. Crumplebottom and Obsessed Fan). Sims 2 tried to recapture the charm but wasn't as good. Sims 3 just lost most of the charm altogether just to have new items, life states, and barely any new gameplay to keep you hooked for that long (unless you've never played a sims game before 3). The best expansions were definitely with Sims 1. With how Sims 4 has turned out, I'm not surprised Will Wright left his brainchild in the middle of the Sims 2 era. I believe he must have seen what the new "Maxis" was trying to do to it. How disappointed he must be to see his innovative franchise go so downhill from what it used to be.

Avatar image for deactivated-58e46ec8e331e

stick to sims 3 and its expansions

Avatar image for commander1122

this game should be call the sims worst than the sims many feature get police...alien....ghost...bug.....lucky i learned from Bf 3....and never buy another piss of EA crap games again..will just download from torrent if see any EA games >.>

Avatar image for roastedzombies

@commander1122 That's some true soviet improvisation right there.

Avatar image for superstition222

This game doesn't deserve even one star. EA has shoveled out Sims 1 + lots of expansions, Sims 2 + lots of expansions, and Sims 3 + lots of expansions. It was crappy and crass the first time. The second time it was atrocious. The third time it was pathetic. This time... words just fail. Why? Because this is the first time the base game completely stinks in comparison with the previous incarnation's base game. In the quest to milk every dollar we're stuck with graphics designed for 10 year old hardware (may as well play The Sims 2 instead) and an even more watered-down corporate drone look for the Sims themselves.

At least in SimAnt there was a spider that could eat one of the many identical ants. In this game, where is the spider? The next game we need is one where all the EA drones who put draining wallets far ahead of producing humanity-enriching art (that happens to be profitable) are milked themselves. Oh, that's right... this game had a dev team of four people. Everyone else is working on the psychological studies to find out how to maximize the profitability of the DLCs.

Sequels need to build upon the existing content. BUILD UPON. That means adding, not subtracting. EA has also threatened that if it doesn't make enough undeserved cash on Sims 4 there won't be a sequel. We can only hope!

They managed to turn SimCity into a glorified tablet app and now they've done it with the Sims. Of course, it doesn't come with a price of $1.99.

Avatar image for TJsimulation

Sims 1 only had 7 expansions. That IMO is acceptable because each one gave you tons of things to do (I unfortunately can't speak on Living Large since I didn't have that one; I started simming on the PC around the time the console version was announced) and gave you plenty of reasons to lose track of time. I actually loved creating different families and enjoyed the different lives I'd give them.

Sims 2 was sort of like that, but they made more and started adding filler "stuff packs" which are the bane of the franchise's existence. They should have never made them. Then the expansions that could've been made into one expansion started popping up in sims 3 (World Adventures and Island Paradise; Late Night and Showtime; possibly Seasons and Generations).

We're now up to 11 expansions and I don't even know how many stuff packs. Which is ridiculous. All the "stuff" was included in the expansions of sims 1, which made them worth it.

Avatar image for superstition222

Oh, and in two days it will be 11 years... ELEVEN YEARS... since the Athlon 64-bit processor was released to the market. Maybe in another 11 EA will find its missing head somewhere in an area known as the posterior. Well, that is if it's still in business. But, we know one thing about America, it's certainly possible to fail upwardly.

(64-bit binary? Surely you jest! Who needs 64-bit RAM limits for a tablet game?)

Avatar image for pastasauce87

I heard that piracy is killing the video game industry... So I went to pirate bay, downloaded every EA title I could find, and seeded them 24/7 on my 75/75 fiber connection. I feel like I'm doing a good deed.

Avatar image for chrisangelo2k7

I think EA accidentally released on PC/Mac the console version of the Sims 4

Avatar image for roastedzombies

@chrisangelo2k7 just download graphics mods

Avatar image for Gaggar10

The problem with EA is that the people who are controlling the development of the game are not gamers themselves. I am sure that more than half of the Sims 4 team have not played more than 3 games.

Avatar image for TJsimulation

I'd say you're right since one time I watched a recording of a live playthrough and one of the EA employees in the stream didn't even know certain features existed, such as being able to click and drag newspapers, trash, and dishes and put them into trash compactors or dishwashers, respectively...That was one of the first few things I picked up on...and the icon indicates you can do so when you hover your cursor over the particular items.... -_- Sad times...

Avatar image for specialorder937

Geez even the Sims are suffering from the economic recession...

Avatar image for deactivated-57d0fe42747d9

"The Sims 4's biggest problem is that The Sims 3 exists."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Avatar image for fragsnipa

Can anyone seriously blame EA for doing this? Going the lazy route, taking features away and putting them in DLC. Give less and receive more money. Actually im going to go the other side. Im going to applaud EA in a business sense and here is why. Why put in the effort, why waste more resources when you know the sheeps are going to buy you product anyways. In Bus 101 isnt the main goal is make as much profit as you can. So why waste resources in building a game if you know the sheeps will flock and pick up you game probably leading into a over a educated guess 60% profit.

Customers or should say fanboys dont have integrity anymore. They will flock to it anyways, EA can released dog poo and say it has 60 fps and 1080p and they fanboys will eat it up. So why should EA care if the customers dont care about the quality. Just like COD fanboys will eat up every copy and paste COD why should Activision care and put the effort in it if each COD is breaking pre-order records. Why should game companies care if the customers dont. If I was a game company CEO and I can copy and paste the crap and sell billions. Why should I care about quality when quantity is making me rich.

Avatar image for pastasauce87

@fragsnipa Well said... vote with your wallet people! Or... parent's wallet!

Avatar image for adamh88

@fragsnipa Many of the gutted features can't even be added by patches or DLC. They have ruined it at its core.

Avatar image for deoxyplasmic

Small lots? Can anybody say Sim City 2013? More of the same. Come on EA give us some space!

Avatar image for Skrilla_XS

@saturatedbutter @xzMasteRzx Impossible like Sim City being played offline maybe?

Avatar image for pastasauce87

@Skrilla_XS @saturatedbutter @xzMasteRzx That's very different. From a design perspective, removing a pesky DRM disguised as a feature is not the same as completely changing a game mechanic.

Avatar image for JimmyCos

This game deserved a 5 IMO. They didn't add any useful stuff. Between the Sims 1 and 2 there was a very big change, and the jump was also big from 2 to 3. Now it feels like a backward "expansion" (it's not even an expansion)

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

@JimmyCos The emotions system is actually a good addition. It adds a layer of strategy to how you play. You have to use the emotions to manipulate how your sims reach their goals, where in previous games it was way too simple. Creating a loving relationship with any other sim, no matter who they were or what personality they had, could easily be boiled down to a single formula. Giving them emotions definitely adds something useful.

They certainly took way too much out for the emotions system or the new building tools to make up for. But to say it didn't add anything useful is ignorant. It did, just not enough useful things to merit all that was cut.

Avatar image for Mahmoudfth

Poor Game

Avatar image for khorrhxe

Loving the earnest, very fair gamespot recent ratings. No 8/10 nonsense rating for some games.

Enjoy (ps: 0 replies from myself to any replies below).

Avatar image for xzMasteRzx

You guys should see a list of all the awesome stuff they cut out of the final design. Bet you all of that will sold as DLC too. Another $300 investment. Poor Sims fans...

Avatar image for saturatedbutter

@xzMasteRzx I would be pretty amazed if they would be able to just release a DLC that made the game open world. That doesn't sound possible. Add ons never change the fundamentals of how the game works. Loading screens are a fundamental part of Sims 4.

Avatar image for edblevins


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