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The Order: 1886 Review

  • First Released Feb 20, 2015
  • Reviewed Feb 19, 2015
  • PS4
Jeremy Jayne on Google+

From hell.

The Order: 1886 is a torturer and a tease. It promises you a circuitous story populated with near-immortal knights, it promises you exciting encounters with snarling werewolves, it promises you clever weaponry the likes of which you rarely see in video games. It dangles these hopes in front of you and then yanks them away, reneging on one promise after another, letting you hold that precious toy in your hand and then denying you the chance to maintain the thrill. The Order is cruel in the way it plays with your expectations, taking a promising premise and then sucking out much of the energy with boring cutscenes, an ending wholly devoid of closure, and shooting-gallery action sequences.

"Boring" is the best word to describe The Order in general, actually. That this third-person action game turns a parade of steampunk imagery and Arthurian legends into a dull stew of modern games' most tiresome cliches is quite a feat, though hardly one worth celebrating. It is (as you probably guessed) 1886, and you are Grayson, otherwise known as Galahad, one of the Knights of the Round Table. It is a time of trouble: common citizens have begun to rebel against the gentry, possibly allying with a race of werewolves the game alternately refers to as lycans and half-breeds. It's a brilliant setup, ripe with possibilities. You look to the sky and see zeppelins hovering overhead; you look to the armory, and you find a young Nikola Tesla ready to introduce you to clever armaments. That such a world could be so lifeless is unfathomable.

Ah yes, those black bars. The Order: 1886 really, really wants to be a movie.
Ah yes, those black bars. The Order: 1886 really, really wants to be a movie.

Yet The Order turns the mystical into the mundane. You face lycans early on, leaping out of the way and shooting them down before killing them off for good by plunging a knife into them. And then they are cast aside for hours until the half-breeds are barely a memory. The Order pulls them out of hiding a few more times, though the circumstances are highly controlled, and conclude with the kind of anticlimax that becomes the game's calling card. The most dramatic of these few battles end with quick-time focused snoozes that betray the very idea of confronting such beasts. As for the nature of the lycans--where they come from, what their presence has meant for humanity, how humans could ally with such creatures--most of that is left to your imagination. Developer Ready at Dawn doesn't address the most interesting aspects of its own ideas.

Instead, the story focuses on its stale protagonists, who sit and argue at the round table every so often while getting to the bottom of the rebel plot. What a shame that interesting supernatural and social elements would be sidelined in favor of boardroom shenanigans, particularly given the light character development. I applaud the cast: the voice acting is brilliant, far better than the material deserved, and it is the acting talent alone that invested me in the characters' fates. The soundtrack, thick with cellos and violas, also rises above the blandness, but by the time the finale and its predictable quick-time events arrive, it is too late to squeeze emotion from this dry turnip. The credits roll after the button press that serves as an ending, and vital story threads are left dangling in the wind. Perhaps the Order: 1886 means to hint at a sequel, but whether or not that was Ready at Dawn's intention, it's a disrespectful end to a plodding story. This may have been a fine close to the second act of a three-act story, but it's a rude sendoff to anyone hoping for explanation or reason.

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The easiest way to identify the male Knights is by the style of facial hair.
The easiest way to identify the male Knights is by the style of facial hair.

How bizarre, then, that The Order is so focused on its narrative. During the initial sequences, you may assume that it is more Heavy Rain than Uncharted: you respond to threats by pressing the right buttons when prompted. As it happens, The Order is divided more or less equally into four disparate pieces: cutscenes, QTEs, walking around, and shooting. In time, the game strings these features into poorly-paced sequences that have no sense of rhythm. It is the modern action game personified: This is the part where I walk for three minutes, and now comes the short bit where I have to pick a bunch of things up and look at them, and then comes the brief shooting part that practically ends before it begins.

Walking, looking, and shooting aren't bad on their own, of course. What makes such basic mechanics so predictable and rote in The Order is how they are used. When the game forces you to holster your weapon and walk at a snail's pace, you may expect it to build tension or to develop its characters. Instead, The Order becomes an exposition machine, dropping basic plot points until you either open the door that leads to the next ultra-linear stage of the ultra-linear level, or another character does it for you.

The sequences in which you examine your surroundings looking for clues are even more tedious. You trudge about a room, picking up objects and looking at them, perhaps even turning them over in your hands before setting them down. In a few instances, the game might identify a detail of interest, and you have to press a button to continue, though the overall goal is typically to pick up everything in the vicinity until you trigger the next event--and in at least one case, you aren't even the one to discover the pertinent information, making all of that monotonous strolling aggravatingly pointless. A few weapons aside, you're rarely looking at anything of interest: old photographs of characters you barely know (if at all), letters that provide the tiniest morsel of backstory, and so forth. That The Order is so in love with its own object models is almost laughable: You pick up minor knick-knacks and lovingly rotate them as if you have discovered the Holy Grail. Yes, this model ship is lovely, but was the self-congratulatory time-padder necessary?

If you turn it around in your hand long enough, the game will eventually let you put it down.
If you turn it around in your hand long enough, the game will eventually let you put it down.

I presume that The Order: 1886 wishes to build its world by demanding you admire the details, but Ready at Dawn needn't have tried so hard to point out how pretty their art is: it is simply pretty, full stop. The game has a few of the standard tricks up its sleeve to gloss over the occasional flaws: motion blur, a subtle film grain effect, overzealous depth-of-field effects, and the such. It's difficult to overlook The Order's tonally consistent aesthetics, however: It is fully committed to its style. From a bridge's vantage point, you wield an electrically charged cannon while gazing upon a smoky Victorian London. The bridge is dotted with iron carriages, some still sturdy, and some ravaged by the ongoing firefight. Rococo flourishes adorn the Knights' chamber: walls decorated with gold leaf, floors embellished with Latin script, flickering candles embedded within serpentine sconces. The Knights' weathered faces aren't quite beautiful, but they are remarkably human; Each of the Lord Chancellor's grimaces and squints betray a soul-crushing history you wish you could have partaken in.

The action is almost an afterthought, given all the talking, the walking, and the quick-time events, few of which complement onscreen motion in the manner of Telltale Games' best QTEs. It's a shame that The Order evokes Heavy Rain so early in its six-hour play time, because the comparison does not work in this game's favor. The Order clearly has cinematic aspirations, regardless: The loose camera hews close behind you, to the point where you can not often see much of the battlefield once you have taken cover. The game is at its best when it allows itself to be a shooter, which is what makes its failings all the more disheartening. The thermite rifle is one of the most interesting weapons in recent memory, letting you fire a round of magnesium ammo and then ignite it with a rush of air. What a blast it is to mess with such a unique firearm--and what a heartbreaker to have such grossly limited use of it. The same is true of the previously mentioned cannon: It is ripped from your hands all too quickly and replaced with less-interesting pistols and carbine rifles.

Too many levels have you trapped in sniping position. Too few levels give you the really good guns.
Too many levels have you trapped in sniping position. Too few levels give you the really good guns.

Those weapons function just fine, at least. The level design is functional, too, but uninspired. You know a turkey shoot is about to begin as you enter an area and see all the obvious cover spots--and then the turkeys appear, right on schedule, ready to die at your hands. Expectedly, such predictability breeds apathy. Grenade-lobbing supersoldiers aside, it's all too easy to mow down the opposition, making the blacksight mechanic, which allows you to temporarily slow down time and pelt foes with bullets, all but unnecessary on medium difficulty. There's a system in place for recovering if you are downed in combat, but it, too, is superfluous: should you fall, a rebel soldier almost always lands a killing shot.

All of these gameplay tropes are then shoved together into herky-jerky levels that end just when you think they might gain momentum. The only individual sequence lengthy enough to find a rhythm is a later stealth level, though it's far too simple to inspire wishes for more sneaky sections. What, then, to make of The Order: 1886? It is, at best, perfectly playable, and lovely to look at and listen to. But it is also the face of mediocrity and missed opportunities. A bad game can make a case for itself. A boring one is harder to forgive.

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The Good
Fantastic voice acting
Consistent, stylish visuals
A couple of really cool weapons to play with
The Bad
Overlooks the best aspects of its premise in favor of boring storytelling
Every gameplay element is drab and rote
Too little of the cool stuff (guns, werewolves), lots of the dull stuff (looking at things, walking slowly)
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Kevin VanOrd has rarely met a game set in Victorian London he didn't like, but The Order: 1886 has proven to be the exception. It took him six hours to finish The Order, playing some at medium difficulty and some on hard, and he has no desire to return to it.
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Avatar image for jenovaschilld

With playstation plus you can buy it for $3 or $4.97 without this week. Hey ... game is finally worth it.

I feel sorry for those that paid $60+ dollars for this game when it came out 3yrs ago, hahaha - for a game that is only 6hrs long. And if they waited just 3months the game went down by $20, and by 6months down by $25-30 - Hung out in the bins for a while and last year was offered for under $5.

Was never worth its dollar per hour of gaming.

Avatar image for pinkfloyd6789

This game gives trophies on a pretty easy ride. I mean if u play it thoroughly ull definitely get all of em trophies. The order and Infamous second son have been easy on trophies.

Avatar image for pinkfloyd6789

Linear games tend to get less scores and its true, you vuy witcher 3 and this one, u see the difference on amount of contents.

Avatar image for cgobeil

I don't know about you guys, but this game is on sale in the PlayStation Store for only $5. I think it's a steal for that price and I bought it for the beautiful graphics and voice acting alone. Awesome game well worth it in my book !

Avatar image for pinkfloyd6789

@cgobeil: And even cheaper on Plus Deals. Sure Kevin reviewed it on 60$ price point. It wouldnt change the review but definitely would have recommended it on this price point. This game worth at least 10 bucks.

Avatar image for kouse_arima

Man, what on earth was this guy doing while writing this review. Its like this guy didnt even play the same game I did. The game had a combat and cover system on par with that of gears of war. Not to mention the fact that while there are lengthy cutscenes, the brilliant voice acting and narrative keep you hooked .The author wrote "no cool stuff". What are you , a 12 year old playing Call of duty for the first time? Did you ever play metal gear solid dude? it also focuses on story elements, just like this game. Gamespot should just get rid of these biased writers

Avatar image for slider9499

I totally disagree with this review. I found the storyline to be compelling, the voice acting superb, the visuals stunning and the cut scenes dramatic and essential to the arc of the overall narrative. Not every game I play must have amazing weapons and over the top gun play; just look at the Mafia series. Their is an emotional depth to the story which is beautifully presented via the acting. Does the game have its flaws? Of course. Crouching and taking cover are almost non-existent, the scenery itself can be very dark and almost impossible to see items and, as the reviewer mentioned, you pickup items that have no relevance or meaning to the story. My other complaint is that the screen text is so small, it is impossible to see unless you are literally a few feet away from the screen. That being said, I felt the game got better as it went along. More lycans would've been cool, but the battles were not easy and there were several surprises which I didn't see coming. This is a very good first entry in what I hope becomes an even better franchise. A solid 8

Avatar image for batusai4ever

@pasullica: I'm currently playing this game, chapter 8, and I think it's a very good game. I was lucky to buy it digitally at $5.99 and cannot be happier with this beautiful interactive game/movie. So far the game is 8.5 for me.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c2415ad0d4d0

As one whom digitally pre-ordered the game for full price, finished and enjoyed it I have to disagree, 5 out of 10 mean that the game has technical issues, bugs and broken in places.

This game is technically perfect, I haven't encountered any bugs, looks great, has great shooting mechanics, interesting enemies, the world looks believable, the only downside is that this game is SHORT and the Graphical choice of cinematic resolution (If im not mistaken it was removed in a patch) thats it.

I wanted MORE of this game, I wanted more variety of enemies of course and of course more story.

But of course this can be said about any game that you like, that you want more.

The score 5/10 tell me that this game is broken, unplayable and not worth my time.

I wonder how indie horse*** of a game like Gone Home could get 9.5 out of 10 or Her Story got 8 out of 10.

Gamespot doing what Kotaku and Polygon did: Promoting Indie games that have leftist political agenda, giving them high unexpected scores just to create enough noise so gamers will be intrigued to play them.

Avatar image for techs3ek

I just finished the game, Despite the fact that i think Kevin is one of the best reviewers i think he is a bit to harsh on the game being boring, the action scenes of the game is good, solid and story is very interesting. i'd say the game deserved 7/10 or 7.5/10. The directing of the game was really good.

Avatar image for iX-gamer

I had no idea you could slow down time. Argh.

Avatar image for jizam_kizam

So I decided to try this the other day through gfly....not a fan so far. I read all the mediocre reviews but figured wth. My biggest issue is the damn graphics! If you have any issues with low fov or intense motion blur stay away! This game also uses a heavy grain filter as well so it makes it hard to even see the game clearly. Got 30 min in before my headache started and eye strain kicked in. Please in future games make some of these graphics able to be toggled!!!

Avatar image for Kartel101

Its a pity SONY dumped em after this flop. The guys at RAD obviously have the skill/talent, they should have stuck with them and let them learn from their mistake #justsayin

Avatar image for cherub1000

So after a very average review and a whole load of comments from both sides of the fence. I'm kinda stumped? Is it worth picking this up?

Avatar image for dani_i89

@edenazar: Except the story seems to suck. Just because there's lots of talking, doesn't mean it's got a good story. Also, it's classified as an action game, and it fails at that also. There are plenty of games which manage the pacing in a creative way. Once again, simply walking around and looking at how good the textures look doesn't make it a good game, give it good pacing, or even makes ait a good looking game. It's simply a game with good textures.

Kevin seems to have nailed this one. This was a massive failure that seems to have solely sought to give PS4 owners something to gloat about simply because it's technical aspect of the visuals are stunning. If this is your favourite game so far this gen...then maybe you should try watching some good movies.

Avatar image for dashaka

@dani_i89: the story was great. Maybe you just have the attention span of a 6 year old and didn't pay attention or couldn't comprehend half the story. The dialog was very well done if you actually pay attention.

Avatar image for darkros

I can't take shit from the site which puts Rambo : Video Game with a rating of 6 over Resident Evil 6 with a rating of 4 and The Order with 5.

Avatar image for cooltoast

Wow. This game is probably one of the most memorable games I've played. This has to be the worst review ever. Reviews are supposed to be somewhat objective, but this is pure opinion. The story is well paced and well executed in showing us the inner workings of the order. Just because YOU wanted to see more fantastical Lycan stuff doesn't mean you should bash the story. It's like last of us, the battle is more between men rather than zombies, or in this case Lycans. the breaks between combat and walking slow in those breaks is no different from last of us! as for the camera angle when in cover as the reviewer bashed it for not being able to third person peak, I bealieve it was intentional so that you would have to peak out and find the enemies yourself by risking getting your head blown off, which adds more realism in probably the most real feeling third person shooter I've played due to its attention to detail. When you get shot at your character feels alive by cursing, flinching, breathing faster, The thud from the clip of your gun hitting the ground sounded as though it were in my room. Etc. This is the one game I love QTE in. It's beautiful execution in sound and visuals really puts you in the moment and adds to the story telling.

Avatar image for S0LIDUS311

@cooltoast: Keep touting 5 hour first party games, that's all you'll get in the future. I believe it's all the younger generations that like this game. They're used to shit being shoveled down their throat. Not older gamers.

Avatar image for kjarlgrimblood

So underrated... It pains me to even watch at this review.
One of the best games i've played this year. There's so much to this game, the acting is simply supreme.
Game itself is a pure gem which is completely overlook. Try it out, let you be the judge of this game, and not Kevin.
Kevin, you have a sh** taste in games. You really do.

Avatar image for murath

Mesmerizing graphics with great cinematic story telling, The Order 1886 is what it is.. I think this is more like an interactive movie.. Or Its like a showcase that the Ready at Dawn showing how to make a game with stunning graphics loaded in less than 10 seconds.. I passed a 10 second long corridor in 15 minutes while looking at every corner, every reflection, textures, objects, scenery... The glass cabinets reflections are amazingly realistic (only you can't see your reflection anywhere :/ ), the wooden floor polish is locally worn, the round table in the meeting room, the bullet trails, every detail were all a visual delight to my eyes..

I'd like to think The Order as a MOVIE that I can look every corner and have the control over in certain moments.. But if i want to look in the perspective of a GAMER's point of view what should I expect;

- The quick-time events have more choices and requires more action than a indicated button press..

- Less obvious, blended icons rather than simple white icons

- Feeling too safe behind covers

- A better werewolf AI, its not stressful at all for a gamer

- The objects and places around should be more interactive (you can look through some paper and books inside cabinets and leave.. pointless searches)

- Some puzzles to be solved

- Try to hide in cabinets from a werewolf to wait for a clear passage, some hide n seek

- Some running breathless to escape, more action

- Different ways to reach an objective (stealth or activist approaches)

- More interaction with characters relentless of the story, side stories (like the women beaten by the man)

- Choices and consequences, non-linearity

- An inventory to use on somewhere

- A more satisfying ending

- I know I want a lot but I definitely wait more from Ready at Dawn next time because they gave me hope!.... They take my breathe away with this beautiful storytelling and enthralling atmoshpere..

After all this was an amazing journey for me, Its like a delicious movie that you want to watch over and over again.. You should give it a try..

Avatar image for king_moe

@murath: nice post / review of game bro :D

Avatar image for paranjapesameer

I'm at Chapter 9 now and so far I'm enjoying this game much more than I thought I would. The aspect ratio is hardly a problem for me and the graphics are hands down the best I've seen yet. Only complaint would be that there's not as much gameplay as I would have liked. And what's there is very repetitive. But that's a complaint which can be made about a lot of other games, even the 8s and 9s. Even after giving so many cutscenes and focusing mostly on story telling, what's there isn't that great. It's been done a million times in different settings. QTEs are annoying as ever but I kind of enjoyed the knife battle even though it is a QTE sequence.

I'd give this a 6. It's far from perfect and there are many flaws but it's definitely enjoyable as a generic cover shooter with stunning graphics.

P.S. The werewolf AI is just ridiculously stupid. They could have done so much more to make those battles interesting and challenging instead of shoot, dodge, rinse and repeat...

Avatar image for canuckbiker

I finished this game yesterday, after borrowing it. I have to say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The story is interesting, and the gameplay is solid, and enjoyable. The major faults I find in it are the forced interactions, and the abrupt ending. To elaborate further on that the game tends to have you interact with it when it's not necessary, like walking slowly from one cut scene to another, or having you pick up objects and move them around, just because they need to remind you your playing a game and not watching a movie, I guess. I feel the game would have had a much better flow without these pointless interactions. As for the ending, the game seems like it was cut off at the half way point. There's still so many things to be resolved in the story, it's set itself up for a sequel, at the expense of the first instalment. I'd give it a 7 out of 10, it's worth a play if you like story driven games, but not worth paying full price, in my opinion.

Avatar image for deefade

@canuckbiker: Yeah go on. Try hard to enjoy a subpar game. The Glorious PC Master Race. It's on. Step aside you cheap and filthy console peasant.

Avatar image for dashaka

@deefade: lmao, the words of a virgin. Enjoy your sad digital life.

Avatar image for kjarlgrimblood

@deefade@canuckbiker: You're a clueless peasant yourself. Go on and worship your PC elsewhere, you troll.
I bet you didnt even played this game... You are a sad, little man

Avatar image for sfischer89

No one's impressed that you play games on a PC...

Avatar image for jimbo_gee

@deefade: Hows GTA coming along? Us filthy console peasants (Current gen and last) have already played and enjoyed it of course with no delays. Or maybe Red Dead... No that didnt come out on PC either... What about The Last Of....Oh no wait no PC edition there either. Ah well, maybe you can all sit down and enjoy a nice game of WoW or something.

Avatar image for cooltoast

Lol what do pc players play? Yea pc is the best in terms of hardware but that means nothing if devs rarely make big budget games for it. The last game I played on my PC was half life 2 and if they did make a half life 3 I promise you it will be on consoles too, like every major release nowadays. This isn't 2006 anymore.

Avatar image for Iordanis1278

I just finished the game and my opinion is that the reviewers have been too harsh on the game. Yes it has many quicktime events some of which could have been avoided yes i agree it could have taken better advantage of its game world but after all in its core the game is a pure third person action game and as such its pretty good. It is very enjoyable when it comes to shooting using well known gameplay mechanics similar to the gears of war series plenty of impressive and fun to use weapons, good story with very convincing acting and it is the first game whose graphics are purely next gen, they are a giant leap forward compared to anything i have seen so far, they are almost movie-like,really impressive. Anyway i believe that 5 for this game is pretty unfair. It could have been better in certain sectors but its a good and fun game overall. It would be interesting to see a dlc soon.

Avatar image for deefade

@Iordanis1278: I gotta say, it takes effort to enjoy a subpar game. Kudos to you sir, and your fellow console peasants.

Avatar image for Divisionbell

Agreed. I'm a good chunk into the game now and it's a lot better than I was expecting based on the reviews. Sure thing could go further but the story is solid, the graphics are amazing and it's surprisingly fun and engrossing.

Avatar image for flakjackets

this is the worst game ever made.

Avatar image for kjarlgrimblood

@flakjackets: Nice trolling, peasant.

Avatar image for deefade

@flakjackets: Damn right it is. The Glorious PC Master Race runs Gamespot. Step aside, filthy console peasants.

Avatar image for Death9897

@flakjackets: Big Rigs is still King.

Avatar image for pinkfloyd6789

@Death9897: Is this relative to the game? Review? I have the both platfroms but what the heck. Be more constructive. Im sure you didnt even play the game.

Avatar image for 0m39AX

@Death9897@flakjackets: Nope. Crazy Bus for the Genesis.

Avatar image for chacha_280789

I think reviewing and scoring a game should be more on different aspects of the game (gameplay, story, multiplayer, visuals...etc) and then score each and average the final score, this way it will tell gamers more about the game and whether they want to get it or not. thing is the way gamespot and the likes review games and just slap a score on the top is a bit misleading and it seems to follow the same trend all the time, if it is an open world or a multiplayer shooter then they give it a high score, if it is anything else then even if it is a good game they seem to pick on the negatives ( i am not referring to the order here) more than the positives.

those reviews are going to lead the gaming industry (and have already) into releasing the same game over and over again, same mechanics, same characters, same everything.

Avatar image for cooltoast

Exactly. GameStop USED to review each aspect of a game and average it out. If they did that for this there would be at least eights across the board in sound, graphics, story, presentation (presentation means voice acting polishing ect. Maybe a 7 for gameplay, but it's no different from most other third person shooter mechanics. I don't know why this game had to get all this hate while cods and other crap third person shooters run about getting 9s. The only thing wrong with this game is the little replay value. It's not short in terms of story, if it went on any longer it would have the pacing of lord of the rings 3. As for people saying abrupt ending well they have no story telling senses at all. If it were to take on closure to the unanswered questions it would be awful. The ending was expected, but in a good way. It's setting itself up for sequels.

Avatar image for elverdadero

The game is a great accomplishment for a developer that only used to make portable games, if nothing else. They only developed PSP games and Vita ports of those PSP games, so they actually made an enormous technological jump. I hope Ready at Dawn gets a chance to make a sequel and make it a fantastic game. I've only played this one for about 1 hour, and so far I've been enjoying it.

Avatar image for mohabnoto

I don't think this game is worse than COD , I never felt that I wasted my money until I bought that garbage

I think I will Like this game but not with 60 dollars ..

Avatar image for klipsch27

Well like I said alistairhanson if u want a better experience buy yourself a gaming rig. I'm not supporting the game I'm supporting the industry and the gaming industry is not doing that good rite now. If you would be keeping up with the community u would now. There have been a lot of layoffs and company shutdowns. How u figure the industry is doing good. The game I would complain more about would be destiny, that was a major let down of a game, and my main point of my first article were about people like you complaining about lighting, ai,etc.. U want better invest in a good pc. While everyone is doing all this complaining I'm going to be enjoying playing games like we're all supposed to be doing. Consoles and physical media is on its way out. Only thing left will be a hub for you to stream games from, its going to be to big of a risk to come out with another console and charge 60 dollars or so because of people like you that all yall do is complain, complain, complain, complain about dlc and how that's a major rip off.ur going to see less triple a titles because it's a big investment and a lot to loose because people like you want a pc experience on a low end gaming rig. So what if the game isn't that great, it's keeping busy and happy till the next one comes out. How many games have you bought at full price that were a one or maybe 2 time game play. Company's aren't going to spend a lot of time anymore making games that will blow you away, they will be far and few. U want the whole awesome experience were going to have to pay more for it, that's why we now have all this dlc crap u have to pay extra for. The gaming industry has taken a major step back because like I said in my first article, people are wanting 80 dollars or more of gaming and barely wanting to pay 60 for it. That's why we now have dlc because of people like you.

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  • First Released Feb 20, 2015
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