Taito Legends Power-Up Review

While you'll probably be able to think of a few Taito games you wish were included, there's just enough here to make it worth checking out Taito Legends Power-Up.

Taito Legends Power-Up for the PSP is a different compilation from the two volumes that have appeared on the PlayStation 2. This collection culls games from both volumes and puts them into one all-new-but-still-old package. The emulation feels good, and the options are about what you'd expect from a retro compilation, so if you're into these games, it's worth checking out Taito Legends Power-Up.

While it might be hard to get too excited about something like Chack 'N Pop, games like Elevator Action are still fun.
While it might be hard to get too excited about something like Chack 'N Pop, games like Elevator Action are still fun.

There are a healthy number of games included. On the disc, you'll find emulated versions of Space Invaders, Space Invaders Part 2, Space Chaser, Crazy Balloon, Balloon Bomber, Lunar Rescue, Phoenix, Qix, Space Dungeon, Alpine Skin, Elevator Action, Chack 'N Pop, The Legend of Kage, The Fairyland Story, Return of the Invaders, KiKi Kai Kai, Rastan, Kuri Kinton, New Zealand Story, Raimais, and Cameltry. There are a few bright spots in the list, as well as some more obscure stuff. You get the options you'd expect to find in a game like this, which really boils down to multiple screen modes. For vertically oriented games, such as Space Invaders, you can opt to rotate the screen and hold the PSP sideways. This is great for looking even goofier in public places than you already do, but you also get a bigger view of the action, so let those onlookers scoff; you're the one that gets to play a quality emulated version of Qix on the bus. They're just jealous.

In addition to the emulated Taito games, there are four "deluxe" games in the collection, which are 3D remakes of some of the arcade games. Crazy Balloon, Balloon Bomber, The Legend of Kage, and Cameltry all get "2005" appended to their titles for these deluxe versions, which really makes them feel like state-of-the-art games. Or, well, maybe it would have two years ago. For the most part, they're just ugly polygonal versions of the original games that don't really play as well, though it's still an interesting inclusion that adds a little something extra to the package.

While some of Taito's best arcade games, such as Bubble Bobble and Double Dragon, aren't included, there are enough good old arcade games on this disc to make it worthwhile for fans of classic compilations.

The Good
Contains good solid hits, like Space Invaders and Rastan
good screen rotation options
The Bad
Contains too many different versions of Space Invaders
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