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Ya dig?

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The first SteamWorld Dig was most notable for its unique blend of mining mechanics and Metroid-style exploration, but it ended right as it began to come into its own. Its sequel is twice as long and puts that added runtime to good use, as both the story and mechanics are given room to flourish. The result is a brilliant and varied evolution of the first game that not only expands upon its hybrid formula, but presents it in its best light.

SteamWorld Dig 2 takes place in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world where Earth has become a desert wasteland; its remaining inhabitants are small populations of steam-driven robots and irradiated humans. You control a steambot named Dorothy searching for her missing friend, Rusty--the protagonist of the first game. When Dorothy hears that he has been sighted entering the mines of an old trading town, El Machino, she embarks on a journey to find him.

The story is more focused than its predecessor. Events unfold at a brisk pace, occasionally hitting you with unexpected twists and tonal shifts that keep the adventure compelling throughout. Also impactful is the way the story contributes to the overarching SteamWorld universe as a whole (it serves as a bridge between Dig 1 and SteamWorld Heist). By its conclusion, past narrative threads that were once disparate and unclear are finally expounded upon, elevating your attachment to the characters and the world.

Even if you aren't invested in the series' lore, Dig 2 gives you more than enough to latch onto with its eclectic cast. Dorothy makes for a likable lead and the characters who surround her are humorous and well-written. In particular, Dorothy's Navi-like sidekick, FEN, is one of the game's standout personalities. His sassy, oftentimes snarky, remarks are amusing, but as you progress, he grows into a far more sincere and endearing ally whose presence is irreplaceable.

Also worth noting is the presentation; both visuals and music are charming and stylish. From the moodily lit underground caverns you explore to the airy and upbeat hip-hop inspired tracks that permeate the various locales, there's an endearing atmosphere that constantly pulls you in.

Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, but unlike the original, it gives you more time to be creative, and rewards your cravings to diligently explore and discover new secrets.
Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, but unlike the original, it gives you more time to be creative, and rewards your cravings to diligently explore and discover new secrets.
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Like the first game, you spend time exploring various underground mines. With your trusty pickaxe, you smash through blocks of dirt to reveal passageways, while along the way acquiring precious gems and minerals. You also obtain tools and power-ups that help you burrow even deeper. Once your pockets are filled with treasure, you return to town to sell your materials and upgrade your tools, and then you return to the mine anew.

While the digging process seems repetitive in nature, it never becomes tedious. Exploration feels like longform puzzle solving. You're always strategizing how to take advantage of a mine's terrain and the enemies within to clear tunnels and acquire more treasure. And with the more varied tools you have access to this time around, the methods you employ grow increasingly complex.

One moment you're using your pressure bomb launcher to create a pathway that you can't reach with your pickaxe, the next you're using your grappling hook to strategically detonate a TNT barrel to kill a group of enemies. These instances are when the game is at its most fulfilling, as you have a great deal of flexibility in choosing how to approach a given area. Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, but unlike the original, it gives you more time to be creative, and rewards your cravings to diligently explore and discover new secrets.

Caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your reflexes and intellect.
Caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your reflexes and intellect.
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New to Dig 2 is the addition of collectables called Cogs, which you can use to enhance your tools with mods. These upgrades are varied and unique, each improving your abilities in different ways. For instance, you can equip a mod that increases your chances of getting two precious materials from one resource block, or you might equip one that occasionally prevents instant death from falling rocks. As you obtain more Cogs, your ability to tailor mods to better suit your playstyle grows, which becomes invaluable when facing difficult obstacles in later areas. And with the varied terrain and hazards you encounter, you always feel an initiative to experiment to better your mining efficiency and chances of survival.

When you're not spending time digging, you're exploring caves, which are special rooms scattered across the map containing either platforming challenges or puzzles to solve. These brief, well-crafted trials test your mastery of the game's base mechanics: a spike-covered room demands quick execution of your mobility options; a block-stacking puzzle challenges your knowledge of the pressure launcher's limitations; and a room with collapsing boulders has you timing your sprints in different spurts to avoid being crushed. On top of rewarding you with much-needed Cogs, caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your reflexes and intellect. You often look forward to discovering them, as their distinct challenges are also entertaining proving grounds to test your upgrades.

Alongside the mechanical improvements, it helps that there's a greater variety in level and objective design. From an ancient temple surrounded by lava to an ethereal jungle, each location you explore goes beyond the standard underground mine you might expect. Not only are levels thematically different, they're also structured in distinct ways from each other. At one point, you're tasked to dig horizontally instead of vertically, only to be led to an area that has you completing a gauntlet of caves in order to open a gate with multiple locks. These changes in design frame the mechanics in captivating ways, challenging you to do more than just strategically carve out tunnels. Dig 2 meticulously uses its assets to great effect, continually changing up the pace from beginning to end.

Every advancement Dig 2 makes to its story and mechanics strengthens your initiative to progress. There's an overwhelming sense of momentum that runs through the adventure; as if developer Image & Form sifted the original in a pan, removing its redundancies while expanding upon what made it so fun to persistently play. In your quest to acquire every upgrade and explore every nook and cranny, there's no shortage of hidden collectables to discover. And with post-game content that unlocks after you unearth every secret, the desire to keep digging intensifies. Dig 2 manages to not only be an exceptional successor, but a great adventure in its own right. Where the first game was a diamond in the rough, Dig 2 is a polished jewel.

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The Good
Story is filled with charming characters and unexpected surprises
Stylish music and visual presentation
Digging is involved and rewards creative thinking
Mods feed into sense of progression and desire to experiment
Caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your understanding of the game's mechanics
Varied level and objective design continually change up the pace of your journey
The Bad
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Matt spent about 10 hours playing SteamWorld Dig 2. He was a light fan of the previous SteamWorld games and found this latest entry to be a pleasant surprise. He hopes to keep playing to unearth all the secrets the game has to offer, while making a multitude of digging puns about his exploits to his friends along the way. GameSpot was provided with a complimentary copy for the purposes of this review.
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Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

3 trophys lefts, anyone knows how to to get the trophy Destroy all doomsday device without entering vectron?

Avatar image for FLEEBS

Sweet game. I'm super happy I picked this one up!

Avatar image for ymo1965

No negative things about this game? Ive read on Steam some players have stated it's a bit on the easy side. If that's true then why didn't this reviewer pick up on that ? Tbh that's the only thing holding me back from getting this. No difficulty setting? really. I like a challenge.

Avatar image for mgespin

@ymo1965: Honestly, that was something I was considering as a potential criticism of the game as I wrote this review, but everything I loved about the game completely overruled that. After thinking about it, I felt the game balanced its challenges well, offering an experience that was difficult at certain points, yet satisfying and relatively painless overall. It might not be super difficult, but it never approaches Kirby game levels of easy. Games like that are where I feel: "Yeah, this is fun and charming, but none of this is challenging in the slightest."

During your first runthrough, SteamWorld Dig 2 may not be as hard as an NES-era platformer, but it's a dang fine experience. I highly recommend giving it a shot. That or wait for a sale if your need for a challenge hitches you up. Either way, it's worth it IMO.

Avatar image for momosymphonia

@ymo1965: Difficulty is subjective, so perhaps the reviewer didn't think the game was too easy.

There is no "difficulty setting," like in a menu, but you can collect special "skull" mods throughout the game that, when switched on, make the game dramatically more difficult. For example, there's a cog mod that makes enemies give double XP but stop dropping health and fuel.

Not every game needs to be Dark Souls. I rather like having a straightforward experience where I don't have to play the same section 300 times to progress.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

This game is dope!

I got it yesterday and can't stop playing!

It's a charm for those who love to "farm" stuff!

Reminds me of my old days in World of Warcraft but this game, at least won't ruin my life...

...well... I hope not! haha

Avatar image for batusai4ever

if I buy the Vita version, can I download it to my PS4 and play it right away? I ask cuz the PS4 version is not available.

UPDATE: Nevermind, it's available for PS4 now

Avatar image for Abdulrahman1981

Too bad this isn’t coming on PS3 or PS4:(

Avatar image for CRAPCOM1926

@Abdulrahman1981: it is.

Avatar image for DougSwan

Loved the first one and I'm sure I'll like this one quite a lot as well.... but not available on console yet? Ugh..... another 6 month to 1 yr wait!

Avatar image for miffytherabbit

@DougSwan: I'm a bit confused by your comment. It is available on console, I bought it last night for £14.99. :o/

Avatar image for DougSwan

@miffytherabbit: Yup, that was my bad. Didn't immediately see the PS4 so figured it wasn't available yet. It is, just bought it online. Good catch miffy.

Avatar image for miffytherabbit

@DougSwan: No probs, DougSwan. I got mine for Switch - I didn't know it was available on PS4 (lol!) doh me!

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

DigDug or nothing. Just kidding, I'm sure this is ok.

Avatar image for sadasdasd

why bullshit game like this take 9 and 10ss while games that is quad the budget take 8 or 7 or 6

Avatar image for rglgathrawn

@sadasdasd: Because maybe the better game is the one that actually puts less money into it? They compensate by putting more care into it.

Avatar image for miffytherabbit

@sadasdasd: Which titles with scores of eight, seven and six were thinking about specifically?

Avatar image for sadasdasd

@miffytherabbit: gears of war and ark and destiny and call of duty and other games but i cant remember all of them

Avatar image for bat725

@sadasdasd: In other words, why don't M$ games get high scores?


Avatar image for sadasdasd

@bat725: not just MS other compaines

Avatar image for DougSwan

@sadasdasd: Money is utterly meaningless as a measure of content and class.

Avatar image for sadasdasd

@DougSwan: well if is that the case damn i have nothing to say

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

@sadasdasd: Cause $$$ doesn't warrant a great title...

Avatar image for t0mmgunn

I played this at Gamescom last summer. It was pretty good, definitely buying this. The switch and indie games are quite the match you can bring them anywhere and the freaking battery life is much longer with these kind of games.

Avatar image for silv3rst0rm

@t0mmgunn: Nyko makes a battery extender that looks decent for those who wanna play extended sessions in handheld mode...

They mention nowhere how much longer it can last tho...
Probably 2-3h more like the internal one?

Avatar image for t0mmgunn

@silv3rst0rm: Sounds cool, but I don't think they sell in europe yet.

Avatar image for trugs26

Gotta get this on Switch.

Avatar image for Naylord

I think I'll get this on my Vita. Sounds perfect for that platform. I wish I liked the switch as much but the ergonomics aren't quite as good imo. Hopefully that'll get fixed in a hardware revision soon.

Avatar image for astro_viper

@Naylord: I have to second this. I bought it on the Switch & running/jumping/wall jumping are all impeeded by the right analogue. Never had such complaints with my vita. Of course, playing with the pro controller resolves this, but that doesn't help me play on the bus.

Avatar image for sealionact

@Naylord: Says is not available on vita?

Avatar image for jdaprile

@sealionact: It's cross-buy on Sony. Buy the PS4 version and you get the Vita version too. Not sure it's actually cross-save though, but the game is definitely available on the Vita. Oddly, not on the 3DS, which is a shame, because you could see the map in the lower screen and game in the top with the first one, which was handy. Either way, it's a fantastic game and totally worth getting. Also, despite being pretty huge, still under 300 or even 200 megs (depending on the platform).

Avatar image for speedfreak48t5p

Day One purchase for me when it comes to the Xbone. The first one was amazing.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Seems like I'm not the only one surprised this game came out, as a surprise I mean.

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

Cant wait to download this game. Switch is quickly becoming my favorite gaming device.

Avatar image for chrono99

Im with Reunication. I own steamworld dig and heist and this game cameout and I had no idea until gamefaqs had a little sticky or notice on the side of the site about it. Its awesome that they made a second one. Now I need to get paid so I can buy it lol. Nice review.

Avatar image for Renunciation

Man, this wasn't anywhere on my "games to buy" radar at all -- and now I'm faced with the decision to buy it for PC, PS4, or Switch.

Leaning toward Switch, as I aim to establish a library to match my other two platforms.

Thanks for the review!

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

@Renunciation: A game like this is Switch all the way. I only choose x1/ps4 versions if they have MAJOR performance downgrades on Switch.

Avatar image for grognard66

@chiefwiggum16: Portability on Switch is nice, but with PC and X1 I get the peace of mind of knowing that I can continue to play this game in the future when the next generation of hardware comes out. PC games can always be played on future hardware and Xbox consistently has the best track record of supporting backwards compatibility of the big three console makers.

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

@grognard66: I 100% agree in this statement. Maybe I am being naive but I think with the Switch, Nintendo is changing it's stance on digital media backwards compatability...or at least I certainly hope so because if not I will never buy digital from them again.

Avatar image for Itzsfo0

@grognard66: I would still take the portability of the switch, and I can use it anytime anywhere, and who says I wont be able to use it in the future ?. I already have a 256GB Micro SDXC card and already have 6-7 games, a year from now, 2 years from now (however long) I'll be able to play it anytime I see fit, there is no excuse of "the future of the switch and being able to reload games" lol if you dont loose your memory cards (which as small as they are) there is no reason you COULDNT play it, and as for next generation of hardware...while I support PC, console & handhelds...I dont get rid of my older devices...even 4-5 years from now once the dust has settled and the Switch has been out for a few years (say I get a new model down the road, or this one lasts me through the years) I've never had an issue taking care of my devices including mobile/handheld devices. I've got the same peace of mind you have w/ the Switch that you have with the X1...I dont really see the issue here.

1) take care of system

2) buy big enough memory card (to last multiple games through several years

3) dont trade system in .....

thats it. And as time goes on larger & larger memory cards will be available for Switch (not to mention more software & UI options) it has expandable memory up to 2TB, and there is currently 512GB cards out there (a bit too expensive considering 256GB has gone down in price drastically this past month) I can fit about 14-16 games on my current memory (and were talking large games like Breath of the Wild 12-16 gig files) and lets face it games l ike Binding of Isaac, Cave Story+, Disgeae 5, Mario kart 8 Deluxe, upcoming Hollow Knight, Rocket League, Axiom Verge, and this very game Steamworld Dig 2 - all of those games put together only eat up like 20% of the memory...I have a mix of digital & phsyical copy. As long as the system lasts (and so far I haven't heard of any red light, or dying-issues w/ the Switch) its not perfect by any means but I haven't had any issues w/ actual boot-up or running it. I already owned (before buying the Switch) a Anker Power Bank (so charging the system & keeping it running for as many hours as needed isn't an issue) 2, 3, 4, 5 6+ hours or whatever I need, and lets face it nobody is playing ANY device beyond 4-6 hours. I can charge it anywhere, and I've got enough memory to last atleast a few years (even after Super Mario Odyssey & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & whatever other games I want in 2018 - another Metroid or Pokemon or Monster Hunter) it still will only be a % of my memory...thats why I like physical copy over digital, long as you always have the game & enough memory there is no reason why you can't play the game for years to come.

So that argument doesn't really hold water. I own a Vita, a Switch, a Xbox 360 "E" model (which I've had for a few years), desktop (ASUS) PC, a Wii U, and a New 3DS XL (Basic Black model) and none of them feel safer or more reliable then the next..besides, having a Nintendo Account/Eshop account (online off-device) I can store games just as easily, and play them on 3DS/Switch/Wii U (games like original Steam World: Dig, Trine, Trine 2, some classic-Zelda titles, VVVVV, Gish, 1001 Spikes, Axiom Verge, Super Motherload, etc) I travel alot for both work & leisure, so naturally (only speaking for myself) mobility is much nicer. I am not limited to a television or a desktop, I can go sit on the toilet, or in a bed with my back on the pillows OR outside, or in a car - and (long as I bring carrying case + charging bank) then keeping said-devices charged isn't an issue, the Anker 20100 mAh power bank/power charger can charge up to 6 devices including: Smartphone, Tablet (different variations like Ipads, Galaxy Tab's) even many different laptop models (but some of those laptops are quite large/heavy, need a bookbag just to carry them from location to location) and the power charger can also charge the PS Vita/Vita Slim models, and any 3DS/DS/2DS variant and then of course the Switch. So basically 1 power charger can charge all 3 of my handhelds (Vita, Swich & 3DS) and with Eshop I have loads of games (my New 3DS XL has a 32GB Micro SDHC card, which I have about a dozen or so titles...and plenty of room for more, cause we all know these handheld-devices games-file-sizes are not large at all) and then the Switch with a 256GB Micro SDXC...if I use a combination of physical copy games + digital download -

I wont be filling it up anytime soon. I have Steam on my PC as well and some games downloaded on it...but as time has gone on (and this is just a personal preference) I find myself playing standard sit-down/couch gaming less and less...I like gaming on the go, of course there are plenty of games that you can't do that with (many of the big AAA exclusive games for MS or Sony are on console or X1/PC cross-play) hence why I have a PS4 Pro, and a Wii U and PC/desktop. SO I can enjoy those games as well, I'd rather have a variety of devices for whatever suits my needs, when I'm home I can play on console or PC, when I'm on the go or just not in the mood for playing restricted to a single-sitting-area, I can move around (or when I'm traveling which I do almost on a regular month-to-month basis) besides over the years, lol I've had more issues out of stand-alone consoles then I've had with handhelds. I have a smartphone, but its older...I dont use it much outside of the basic operations (text/talk/data/browsing) as for gaming, I'm not big into script iOS games & freemium-crap., and I see no need to keep up to date and have every new phone model (too many come out too fast, and they are expensive) esp w/ month to month contracts nowadays. I mean who the hell is going to pay $1,000 or $1,100 for an Iphone X ? I'm sure it will sell god no thanks, lol I'm still running my Samsung Galaxy S6....last few years.

What I will end up doing with the Switch is, utilizing its current memory (for a load of games) and when the time comes where you can buy (2-3 years down the road) 1TB micro SDXC cards for $150 (right now 512GB Card is nearly $300, lol thats the same price as the system no thanks) but down the road prices go down as the units become more "common" and basically its just a matter of 1 word: time. By summer of 2019 I can see 512GB cards being half price or less, and 1TB cards will be out (its almost a guarantee) and prices will go down...I could have 2 cards at some point (1 with X amount of games stored, keep it in the case it came with when not in system) the good thing is taking Memory in/out of the Switch is easy, does not require any tools or how-to. Any idiot can do it (literally) .... of course a child would probably try to eat it, or sneeze and the memory card blows away...but I'm an adult who has been gaming 3 decades...I know how to keep stuff safe & stored. Basic room temperature, keep the memory in the plastic case it came in - in a drawer dedicated to gaming peripherals/accessories.

Anyway I've wrote alot, its not really an argument or bashing anyone - but I dont really have peace of mind with any system over another...I mean if a Switch can be ruined a Xbox One / One S can be stored on my X360 are basically in the same vein as the games stored on my Switch. Long as I dont do anything stupid like run over the Switch, or drop the memory into a pool I should be ok lol. Most of these games (almost all of them) can be purchased via physical copy (not all of them) but 90%, and I have only 2 digital games on my Switch, the rest are physical copy (including some of the indies) so everything I have (or almost everything) on the Switch is physical (the memory, the game cartridges) I dont do digital very often...not even on Xbox 360 (I have the 500GB "E" Model, and a 10-year long history of Achievements on my list - you know dating back to late 2006. I've had several 360 models...and I've enjoyed most of the games, but most of them are not digital...(only real digital games I have are Spelunky & Super Meat Boy) the rest of my achievements list are from games I had physical copy of (some I still do) But I rarely replay games after finishing them (unless they are the type of game you replay often: like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or something) most games I play are one n done. Even this game here Steamworld Dig 2, I'm enjoying it - great game but...after a few playthroughs (b/c theres no NG+ option, and no procederial-generated content) as fun & great as the game is, I dont see too many playthroughs - still worth the price of admission and it deserves the recognition its getting, cause it IS a good game but...I've already finished (and have put about 16 hours into the game just in the past few days) I only focus on 1 game at a time, and when I'm focused on it, its all I play until finished. So once I am done unless theres some DLC or something beckoning me to return I probably wont...but this game is purely digital, MOST of the indies I am buying are physical copy (like the upcoming Hollow Knight from Team Cherry) I am excited for that metroidvania and it will be physical copy therefore I will be able to enjoy th at for as long as I want (even years later)...cause while I dont always keep all my games, I always keep my devices, so even years from now I could dust-something off, and replay Hollow Knight...on that note heres to hoping it has a 2017 release date (its still slated for 2017) but its still TBA.

But dont get me wrong I have plenty of games on my PC as well, most are digital (obviously) via Steam...but I dont know I just still prefer physical copy. Not b/c of any incessint need to collect, but just to have a copy of it (sometimes I like the artwork & having a case or cartridge to store) and also b/c of habit. I think as time goes on I've done more digital but, I still prefer more physical copy games (especially the big "main" titles that come out) its like a 70/30 mix, 1 good thing about physical copy (and for me prob the main reason) is less space used up. I realize what is more popular nowadays and I have a decent enough connection to digital/DL most games really comes down to cheap/indie games I digital/DL sometimes, and the rest I buy in store. So with a game like Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey I wont have to worry about "losing" the game or (esp since cartridges dont scratch in the same manner that a disc will) ...I mean shit I still got original SNES cartridges (a few dozen) from my middle-school days in the early 1990s lol. 99% of them (over 20 years later) still run fine..all these people running out buying "Mini SNES" or "Mini NES" models with 100 games on it...I have no need, cause I still have the original models w/ many of the games in a box in a walk-in closet lol. (NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PS2, Dreamcast, Game Cube, Game Boy Advanced) all w/ numerous games. What would be the point of selling them now...and my PS Vita Slim ? I have a 64GB Micro SD Sony Card...same thing, I have a dozen or so games, and have only filled up a % (less then 30%) of the actual all 3 portable systems combined I have plenty of room for future games...its a mix of physical copy & digital FOR all 3 systems. My biggest issue ? isnt the memory, or charging-battery life, its the head-phones, it took me forever to find a good set of in-ear buds for noice-cancellation (cause I dont like soundbars and large sound systems even when I'm home infront of a TV/console) I like having sound right there in my ear, for only me to ear, and cancelling out everything else. I found (finally after quite awhile search) a pair of Panasonic TB-11091 (the model number is 11091) in-ear buds (and for only $14.99) they are great, the reviews are (on most sites) top notch, they are the best selling and most acclaimed (Amazon has them at their top spot/#1 seller for quite awhile now) like 16,000 + reviews and 4.7/5 star.

They work well, easy to put in ear, they stay put (some have issues with movement & sweat) and they also are cheap, but well made (usually a combo you dont get). I guess we are all different, and have different needs when it comes to gaming, based on our actual lifestyle...I used to never play mobile/handheld games but these last few years, I would take the portability over any other issue hands down. Because I am often on the go/on the move and I like having the option of playing anywhere I like, no system is perfect I am not naive but...its right down my alley and fits my needs perfectly. But I do enjoy a wide variety of gaming (as said way above: on PC, console & handheld) I dont do blind brand loyalty or fanboyism either...I like what I like, out of the big 3 I dont really have a preference BUT I will have to say I would prefer having Nintendo games on the go, indies & portability fit really well together. (Not just with Nintendo) but with Sony (PS Vita despite sluggish sales & lack of NA support, its become a default home for indies & JRPGS and has in some way built a dedicated cult-like following). Between the Switch, Vita & New 3DS XL...I have dozens of games, and dozens of games I still want to play...and once again a mix of physical copy & digital download (more so one then the other, but nonetheless a mix). But enjoy what you enjoy. No hate here (unlike so many people that just sling insults online or bash each other). Atleast we can have a civil conversation, my apologies for the long-run on (I rarely get to rant or post, and usually don't) I just feel having a combination of devices adds more variety and for me gaming on the go over-rides any issues I may have with longevity or peace of mind. I can always re-purchase a game, or buy is physical (if its available) or keep the memory card stored/safe for years.

Avatar image for xantufrog

@Itzsfo0: holy comment, batman.

Avatar image for doremonhg9x

@Itzsfo0: :O

U srs?

Avatar image for Erebus

@Renunciation: Get the Switch version because it's 100% on par with all other versions except you can take it with you if you so desire. I also like the "instant play" on the Switch as well as the system controls

Also, amazing game and was a day 1 purchase for me. Why? Well, I got the first one free on PS+ a year or two ago. I thought I would play it for 5 minutes and be done. After the credits rolled, I was ready for a sequel.

Avatar image for Renunciation

@Erebus: Aside from what you wrote, the other benefit of buying the Switch version is that I can download it while playing Fight'N Rage on Steam.

It's downloading now, so I'll go ahead and fire up the excellent retro beat 'em up.

Thanks for the reply!

Avatar image for VGjunkie87

@Renunciation: you can download and play simultaneously on steam, you have to enable it in the settings.

Avatar image for Renunciation

@VGjunkie87: Huh. Definitely keeping that in mind; thanks!

Avatar image for CRUSHER88

Guess I found myself something new to try on the Switch.

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