Scrabble Blast Deluxe Review

Quite simply, for this type of gameplay, which is not pure Scrabble, there are better alternatives out there.

Scrabble Blast Deluxe has very little to do with actual Scrabble, except that the tiles are modeled after those in the classic board game and that points in the game are allotted based on the value of the letters you use. But unlike in traditional Scrabble, instead of playing letters out of your hand onto a board, the objective in Scrabble Blast Deluxe is to create words out of adjacent tiles to make them disappear. As you use letters, additional ones fill in from above, until you've used the given 100 letters. This particular detail isn't true to Scrabble, and it's not unlikely that you'll come across repeats of letters (such as Q) that wouldn't be found in a normal Scrabble bag.

The gameplay is similar to a few other games like Bookworm and Bespelled, but Scrabble Blast Deluxe isn't quite as polished as its PopCap counterparts. The only thing notable about the game is that there's a definite ending. Once you've run out of letters, the game gets more interesting, because your goal is to try to scrounge together words from the few remaining letters on the board. The presentation of the game isn't top-notch, but it's fair enough. You'll probably be happier with the alternatives unless you have a particular predilection toward the Scrabble franchise.

The Good
Scrabble license?
Fairly decent gameplay
The Bad
Doesn't look great
There are better similar games
Doesn't follow Scrabble rules at all
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  • First Released Q4 2005
    • PC
    Scrabble Blast Deluxe is a spin off of the classic board game scrabble.
    Developed by:
    Oberon Media
    Published by:
    MSN Games
    Trivia/Board Game