Saints and Sinners Bingo Review

Saints and Sinners Bingo reinvents one of the oldest games in the book with charm and strategy.

Saints and Sinners Bingo is unlike any bingo you've ever played, in all the best possible ways. The game takes bingo to a level that doesn't even seem possible, incorporating travel between different venues, charms that you use and trade, and money bonuses. Your opponents have personalities that are slightly cheesy but that ultimately factor into how they play and how willing they are to trade with you. You can play each round for different types of bingos, whether it's the standard 5-in-a-row or any number of different shapes.

The goal of the game is to make it from the East Coast to the West, by taking either the saints or the sinners route. At each venue, you must make a certain number of bingos before being able to move on. The charms that you acquire, either by trade or by purchasing or winning them, can be used to ensure a certain number will be called or to distract other players for a certain amount of time. The game looks great and has a fair amount of detail in all of its components. The sound leaves a little to be desired, but it isn't poor by any means. Overall, Saints and Sinners does the game of bingo proud, and if you're a fan, you'll probably enjoy this special offering.

The Good
Takes bingo to a new level
Good graphics
Interesting mechanics
The Bad
Sounds could use some work
It's still based on bingo
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Saints and Sinners Bingo

First Released Jan 1, 2004
  • PC

Saints and Sinners Bingo features eccentric characters, lucky charms, dirty tricks, a variety of winning patterns.


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