Rugrats: Search for Reptar Review

If you've got young kids in your family, they'll likely enjoy it a lot.

Based on the Nickelodeon animated film and cable TV series, Rugrats follows the exploits of several boys and girls who are knee high to a grasshopper and likely able to do serious damage to one or both of your ankles. Yeah, it's a kids' game. Let's get that straight early on. If you're any older than ten years, you'll be unable to keep from repeating the line "Dude, this game is easy" over and over again while at play.

In a kind of suburban take on Super Mario 64's castle hub, Rugrats is composed of a series of minigame levels accessed through spots found around your family home. The end goal is to recover all the pieces of your Reptar (or Godzilla, to you and me) puzzle, which you do by either beating the minigames or picking up enough bonuses to trade in for a piece. The levels see you hunting down Easter eggs, blasting shadow monsters with a flashlight, keeping chocolate milk away from your older sister, retrieving your grandpa's false teeth from a goose, and other similar adventures. Once that's all over (and after the cool "surprise" ending), there's a single- or multiplayer miniature golf game, which is fairly infectious.

And that's Rugrats. It's not like most games said to be for kids (this is often a label slapped on a title when the gameplay is really simple or awfully repetitive) in that it's not bad. It actually seems like a good game for a younger audience. The shifting camera angles can be a bit nausea inducing at times, but that's its only real wart. If you've got young kids in your family, they'll likely enjoy it a lot.

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  • First Released Oct 31, 1998
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    If you've got young kids in your family, they'll likely enjoy it a lot.
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