Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged Review

Recharged brings a wide collection of cool levels to an already interesting Arkanoid-style game.

Ricochet: Lost Worlds Recharged is a post-Arkanoid block-breaker that takes Taito's Breakout-enhanced blueprint and spins it even further out of control with moving bricks, a collection of new and interesting power-ups, and of course, updated graphics. The gameplay, however, is largely what you'd expect from this style of game. You move a paddle at the bottom of the screen and attempt to keep batting a ball up into a series of blocks at the top of the screen. When all the blocks are broken, you move on to the next stage. Here, though, you've got all kinds of moving blocks and plenty of devious setups to contend with.

The game's greatest strength is its value. Recharged is essentially a level add-on for the original game, and it's got hundreds of levels. The game also has a level editor, which lets you make your own collections of stages. The level editor is pretty deep, so dedicated folks should be able to do some pretty cool stuff. All in all, this one's definitely worth checking out.

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    The Good
    Tons of levels
    Interesting level editor
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    Richochet: Lost Worlds Recharged is a puzzle game based on Breakout and features over 350 levels of gameplay.
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