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Resident Evil 6 Review

  • First Released Oct 2, 2012
  • Reviewed Oct 1, 2012
  • PS3

Resident Evil 6's messy mix of annoying quick-time events and constant set pieces makes it a poor caricature of modern-day action games.

With Resident Evil 6, a once-mighty series makes another stumble. From a production standpoint, this atmospheric third-person shooter (this is no survival horror game, certainly) hits a number of high notes, weaving multiple stories into a single narrative that you untangle from different perspectives. It's unfortunate that actually interacting with Resident Evil 6 is an excruciating chore. This is a wannabe action film that resents your interference, and punishes you by forcing one horrible quick-time event after another upon you.

That Resident Evil 6 wants to be a movie is evident in almost every facet of its gameplay. Plenty of games dramatize their events through extended cutscenes, Metal Gear Solid being an oft-cited example of a series known for long-winded cinematics. Having many cutscenes isn't a problem in and of itself; constantly interrupting the flow of gameplay, on the other hand, is Resident Evil 6's disappointing calling card.

In a typical five-minute stretch, you might watch a cutscene, walk for five seconds, trigger another cutscene, open a door, perform a quick-time event, view another cutscene, shoot some mutated freaks, and then do nothing while you wait for your co-op partner to finish some task or another before you can continue on. All through that stretch, the camera changes position countless times, you're forced to walk really slowly for a while, and an almost-unavoidable scripted "gotcha" moment gifts you with a game-over screen ("You Are Dead"), forcing you to replay the sequence while wondering what you could have done to prevent it.

These problems infiltrate all four of Resident Evil 6's campaigns, though each campaign shifts its focus and tone--and all but Ada Wong's puzzle-driven campaign (unlocked when you have finished the other three) feature cooperative play. In Leon Kennedy's campaign, you play as either Leon or newcomer Helena Harper, while your cohort is left to the care of another player, or of the AI. Leon's campaign is the most traditional, recalling the fourth and fifth chapters of the series by way of mysterious locations like an eerie graveyard and creep-strewn city streets. In a campaign that looks to military shooters for inspiration, Chris Redfield joins fellow BSAA operative Piers Nivens in war-torn streets to shoot up infected foes and larger-than-life bosses. Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin's campaign is focused more on scripted events than the others and lacks the thematic cohesion of the other three (unless you count an overload of contextual button prompts as a theme). A short prelude introduces you to the basic mechanics, which are mostly identical across the campaigns. It also functions as a warning of what's to come.

At least try to keep your mouth closed so you don't accidentally inhale any of that gunk.
At least try to keep your mouth closed so you don't accidentally inhale any of that gunk.

Right off the bat, you notice what is to be a common theme in Resident Evil 6: quick-time events are prominent to the point of distraction. Keep your thumbs limber and your trigger fingers ready, for you will be hammering buttons and jiggling thumbsticks ad nauseam. Wiggle that stick to get the monster off you! Furiously tap that button to crawl faster! Making matters worse is that the quick-time events aren't even that well implemented. Some of them require superhuman wiggling speeds; others, like those that require alternating trigger presses, don't have a clear rhythm. And succeeding means triggering a sonic zing and a bright circular eruption that distract you from the dramatic animations.

Even ignoring quick-time events, button prompts are the rule rather than the exception. Capcom drops in so many set piece moments that they lose their luster. Good set pieces--that is, large scale events with major visual punch and limited interactivity--punctuate gameplay, rather than replace it. Here, they constantly disrupt the gameplay, and a few types of set pieces emerge as clear developer favorites. One such type is the "run toward the camera" bit, in which you hold a button to sprint toward the camera, and press buttons to leap over obstacles or slide under them. It takes a special talent to make such sequences work, but no such talent is demonstrated here; the camera constantly changes position, which destroys the flow of both the controls and the visuals.

And here begins yet another poorly executed set piece sequence. Because there weren't enough already.
And here begins yet another poorly executed set piece sequence. Because there weren't enough already.

Resident Evil 6 is constantly (and annoyingly) playing with camera angles, even outside of the running sections. The worst moments are those that yank control from you and force you to stare at a growling behemoth's dramatic entrance, or a helicopter's flyover, even when you're in the middle of a quick-time event, or engaged in a shoot-out. Smart games either have you hold a button if you want to witness a major incident, or simply allow the incident to happen. Resident Evil 6 is not a smart game. It doesn't care what you're doing: that monster is big, and the game forces the bigness upon you. (And when the sequence is done, the camera may not be in the position in which it started.) Such occurrences are, every time, detrimental to gameplay, and it's shocking how many of them there are.

Not that your co-op partner is usually harmful to the experience. If you play on your own, the AI does a great job of knowing what to do and where to go. The game does have a few good co-op ideas up its sleeve, such as a sequence in which one player swims from the snapping jaws of a finned fiend, and the other must shoot it. But the good ideas are too often let down by troublesome execution: in that same sequence, your mission objective might contradict what the game actually needs you to do. Other times, one player waits around with nothing to do, while the other slashes up bio-organic weapons (that is, B.O.W.s) and finally opens a door or lowers a ladder. Most cooperative actions simply involve opening a door together. And boy is there a lot of door opening in Resident Evil 6.

In between the frequent set pieces, the quick-time events, and the cooperative door kickings, there is some mutant killing. The core mechanics are similar to those in other third-person shooters, but with the idiosyncrasies that defined Resident Evils 4 and 5. The camera stays close behind your back, movements like leaping and crouching are contextual rather than freely available, and the pace is deliberate. Shooting grotesqueries often results in new mutations: bulbous growths sprout from the necks of advancing fiends, and disgusting diminutive creatures spawn from their hosts and skitter along the floor. You can also kick and pummel your foes, though whether you prefer to keep your distance or get right in there, the lumbering lunatics react properly, knocking over other infected as they lurch from the power of your shotgun blasts. If you find the deliberate action appealing, you can devote some time to the returning Mercenaries mode, in which you and a buddy (or you alone) off as many enemies as you can before the clock ticks down to zero.

It's unfortunate that Resident Evil 6's campaigns want so desperately to take you out of the action. A single bullet from a sniper can knock you to the ground; you can either get to your feet and reposition yourself, or just shoot while you're down until the right time to rise presents itself. In Jake's campaign, getting knocked down on a particularly icy slope means sliding all the way to the bottom, and having to make the climb again. As is typical for Capcom action games, long animations need to finish before you regain control--and that kind of approach could have worked fine in a game that sticks closely to the Resident Evil 4 template.

But Resident Evil 6 is focused less on building tension than any previous game in the main series, and the over-deliberate mechanics don't always mesh well with the action-game sensibilities and highly linear levels. The claustrophobic behind-the-back camera in cramped hallways, the knockback loops, the cumbersome method of combining herbs and healing yourself--these facets once worked well to help instill a sense of terror and make you consider every action and every step. In Resident Evil 6, a game that mostly leaves its survival horror roots behind, the same attributes hinder your enjoyment.

A reminder of the good old days.
A reminder of the good old days.

That isn't to say that Resident Evil 6 is hard. On medium difficulty, you can often run right past the baddies, or just spam a trigger and punch them to death. You needn't worry about ammo all that often; the only time you're likely to run out is when you face a bullet-sponge boss and there's no more ammo to be had in the battle arena. But while you won't often die due to the level of challenge (unless you crank up the difficulty, of course), you might not be able to escape a few of the game's "gotcha" deaths. With little warning, a vehicle might crash through a barricade, and if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you're dead. When an avalanche occurs, if you don't know to expect it, you might not have enough room to veer your snowmobile away. (This is one of several mediocre vehicular segments.) That's not challenging: that's cheap, and it's bad game design.

While Resident Evil 6 is no survival horror game, it does have a few memorably tense moments. In Leon's campaign, flashes of lightning in a dark cemetery might have you jumping once or twice, and the appearance of Resident Evil's famous zombie dogs will have you reliving the franchise's good old days. The visit to an old cathedral that follows is similarly evocative, considering its roots in the series' past. Where the game most impresses is in its production values, particularly in sound and narrative. Each campaign tells a different story--but those four stories overlap in interesting ways before they diverge again. You need to play the unlockable campaign to make sense of every mystery, but this is a great way to learn tall tales of the latest global threat.

Piers comforts Chris as he laments the lack of a Resident Evil 2 remake.
Piers comforts Chris as he laments the lack of a Resident Evil 2 remake.

Grand voice acting gives the melodramatic story plenty of weight. The talented cast makes every sullen regret, every cry for help, and every enthusiastic encouragement ring true, even in the midst of the most fantastical of events. The gross, squishy sound effects are so potent that you might try to wipe imaginary goo from your clothes. The cutscenes deserve special mention. A slow-motion shot of a bus's interior, a character's shocking fall from a great height, and a tense standoff between allies are but a few examples of the excellent cinematics that drive the story onward.

But how far can cinematics get you when the gameplay sandwiched between them is so poorly paced, so utterly misconceived, so reliant on stick wriggles and button tapping? There's a place for contextual prompts and cinematic storytelling in video games, but Resident Evil 6 is a mishmash of elements put together without any sense of care or direction. Series faithful might stumble through for the sake of story, and perhaps to appreciate those few moments that recall when Resident Evil was at its peak glory. But this long, poor sequel is the ultimate test of patience for even the most dedicated.

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The Good
Intriguing narrative structure
Great voice acting and action-packed cutscenes draw you into the story
The Bad
Loads of bad, overlong quick-time events
Excruciating overemphasis on mediocre set piece events
Ruins the pace by constantly ripping control from you
Poorly executed scripted events lead to unavoidable deaths
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Avatar image for bariboss

the video review on console looks horrible and feel like re6 deserve 4.5.

i played it on pc and though there are lots of annoying QTE the game is actually fun to play on pc.

BASED ON MY PC EXPERIENCE this game does not deserve 4.5 rating and all the hateful comments.

Are all these negative comments bcoz of terrible console experience??

Avatar image for joesguy

@bariboss: Oh come on, the PC is significantly worse if you're stuck with mouse and keyboard. Aiming is better, of course. Everything else is objectively terrible.

Avatar image for penstrol

This review was pretty much spot-on. RE6 was a truly, mind-searingly fuckawful game, and I've liked every major instalment in the series (including RE5).

Avatar image for MAXAM999

I'm so sick and tired of RE6 apologists , You derps needs to understand that we WANT a good RE game and yet you brainless fanboys keep defending Capcom actions for no reason to do more of the SAME FREAKING THING , ENOUGH !

Avatar image for ropumar

Kevin really should only be doing brainy rpgs reviews.

He doesn't fit with action games and is not the market these games are made for.

I kinda liked RE 6

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

I played the demo before the game came out and it was like getting punched in the gut. When the game came out I decided to finished up another game before getting because time was so limited. Glad I did, as the game was getting panned hard. A friend bought the game and we played it 3-4 times after work- he hated it - I was willing to give it a little more time- and then really hated it more.

My wife bought this game for me black Friday- I had a few days and well. ... this game is soo bad - I mean soo bad. Why am I writing all of this? I just wanted others, and maybe Capcom, to know just how badly a loyal faithful fan of RE series found this game to be the crumbs at the bottom of the barrel, even after trying really hard to give the game every chance.

One of the best things about a franchise for game developers is the installed base of fans who you do not have to advertise to and will advertise for you, fans that are guarantee buys so you can faithfully invest in the quality of the game without worrying about not making your money back. But one sour apple, and it must be one really really sour one to ruin this pie, can bring all of that down. Well, RE6 has done it easily. You can tell this game must have had plenty of money thrown at it- production, graphics, voice work- but almost nothing went towards game design and script- in other words gameplay/story.

I hope this is like a letter in a bottle and somehow -it reaches some poor soul so he will not waste even a few dollars on this game.

Avatar image for c0mmanderKeen

Picked this up for 6€ with a copy for a friend who loves the series as much as me. We previously played 5 together in coop with mixed feelings. I don't remember much of the game to be honest, but it was alright. I would have never bothered without my coop-mate though.

Here, in RE6, things got from okay to horrible. We started off with Leon's campaign, which was fun. Throwbacks to 4 are abundant and shooting Zombies felt more satisfying than ever in the series. The boss was crap but, being a veteran coop duo, we had our share of fun. Then we started the Jake campaign and hated it, often wondering if it would ever get any better. After finishing it, we played some merc, and that was that.

Verdict: Single player must be a truly abysmal experience. If you find it on sale for less than 8€, and have an RE enthusiast to play the Leon campaign with, it is ok and even great at times. But Kevin is right - it's a mess, the writing is horrible (which is ok for RE) and the setpieces, quick time events and many of the boss battles just plainly suck. The core gameplay is pretty good, not RE, but a fun action game. But it is utterly ruined by the rest of the game. Hands off.

Avatar image for resident_within

resident evil 6 is the worst game i have ever played., keep up the sht work crapcom and enjoy watching your series die.

we didnt love resident evil because it was a call of duty wanna be , we played resident evil because of survival horror aka limited ammo and scary atmosphere and NO ACTION!

Avatar image for opskie

This review is so completely on point. This is by far the best and the most accurate review i've read on gamespot.

While RE6 excels in sound and visuals, it really fails in every other aspect. The camera is bad & can be very annoying attimes and the QTEs are very poorly executed.

I played through all four sequences however but overall it wasn't a pleasant experience for me compared to all the other ones in the series.

Avatar image for GSyyjessicarobinsonyyGS

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Avatar image for penstrol

@jessicarobinson This is really good spam. I loled.

Avatar image for y3rb4t3ro

What a terrible review.. I finished all of its story and this game is great, really great! Dont read this VanOrd crap. I play RE since the first one on PS1 and I put this a 9/10. This needs a re-review by another one.

Avatar image for joesguy

@y3rb4t3ro: Just because you have the appalling lack of judgement to give this game a 9/10 does nothing to nullify the accurate points brought up in this review. 4/10 is generous, given the severe lack of polish on display in this tittle.

Avatar image for metallinatus

@y3rb4t3ro 9/10?

Quit gaming, please.

Avatar image for fluffy_kins

RE6 could have been an excellent action game like 5 was. But this review is right... the mishmash of a ton of different elements, none of them done very well, brings the entire game down.

I'm currently trying the game in chronological order rather than doing each story individually and I have to say the game flows a lot better this way. They should have tried to create a more linear story with subchapters that focus on the different characters of the game

Avatar image for jlenoconel

Just played through Chris campaign of this game. Nowhere near as bad as Gamespot is making this game out to be. Just from playing Chris campaign I'd give RE6 a 7 or 8 out of 10. A big bonus is that you can pick this game up for next to nothing now. I'd recommend RE6.

Avatar image for joesguy

@jlenoconel: Oh wow. The Chris campaign has perhaps the worst elements in this game by far. I think you'd like Cod.

Avatar image for boringdork

Just picked up a copy on the Steam Summer Sale with a friend. My experience with RE is more of that of a 'wanna be' fan. My RE Experience:
I played through the original on PS1, LOVED Code Veronica on Dreamcast, and played only a little bit of 5 - but wanted to get a co-op partner for the full experience.

So far, a couple hours into RE6, with a friend - I LOVE IT. I know its not the same as the originals and the clunky movement of running back and forth through areas looking for a key to open the door. I didn't expect that going into it. The co-op interaction is where this game SHINES. It's awesome using your partner for certain areas to lift them, break down doors, or to have one person bash the infected's head in while the other tries to push a door shut.

The QTE are actually pretty awesome, and intense...but they don't use the same keys consistently. Sometimes you'll be smashing the (pc/steam) spacebar, alternating A and D, or have to time the spacebar press at the precise time... just in time for you to forget about that QTE and then you're slammin on the spacebar and fail. I just wish for more consistency, as they are fast.

As far as the pacing of the game, I don't feel its that bad...but again, I wasn't expecting RE1. The game has rooms to explore and find items, but segments of QTE/Cut-scenes are welcome and exciting.

I think this experience really shines with a partner, but... if its solo? Definitely wouldn't be as enjoyable as the times I spent in RE1 or CV. However for a Steam Summer Sale purchase? This game is a steal... having so much fun.

Avatar image for gamefreak215jd

I wish that they'd bring back the series to its older state only borrowing necessary things like controls from the recent installment.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

I have been playing this game on and off since it was released. I finally beat the Leon Campaign and if his campaign is the best like people are saying, than what is the point in playing anymore? Leon's campaign really sucked. I am now on Chris's Campaign and i feel like there is no reason in playing any further. I thought this game was decent and the review was an exaggeration when i first played this, but I now see why this game got a 4.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@Dredcrumb9 Just like my experience. I scored this games a 6 (lol no coincidence, I swear) with my profile to sum up failures and succes this game had and still express my dissapointment, tough: this saga was known of unique experiences and excellence

Avatar image for XxDaRkAnZeLxX

After playing this game for 45 hours, I have to say that this game is not total garbage at all. However, it is not great game either.

To put this into one sentence, this game is not user-friendly. What I am trying to say here is this game is inconsistent, unfair, and frustrating. Too much QTE is one thing, bad inventory system and bad taking-cover control are another thing.

But fortunately, most of negatives I have applied to only campaign. In Mercenaries mode, all good features: counter, melee, quickshot, etc are shining their light strongly. I had blast time with Mercenaries mode.

If there will be next Resident Evil, Capcom really needs to think why Resident Evil 4 was fun and think about how us, the users, can enjoy the game purely.

Avatar image for sjz05kinz


14 hours ago

I don't know why a lot of people complains about RE6. I played it alright and it's not bad. It's awesome. The whole new idea is actually very entertaining and I hope they keep the storyline as it is because it is linked with the previous RE like 1 2 and 3. It is survival horror! You wanna talk about action based game, it's RE5. My goodness! I played it and finished it, I was just disappointed because it's too much action. I wasn't scared playing it or didn't give me a frightening feel... it's just like Gears of war for me. The Leon campaign of RE6 is based on survival horror, the old game feel and common, appreciate the new set up already, its nearly 2014! We are not in the 90's anymore, the world is evolving and changing and so are the games. The story line of RE6 is actually commendable. I like it, it's quite intense. I am so happy that the game is linked back to it's roots and when all the good RE games started. It's like Racoon city all over again. I like playing it. It's fun and it's not boring especially if you are playing it with a friend. when you finsh one campaign with a friend, it's like I can't stop. The action parts of RE6 makes it worthwhile. I have no complaints. It's one of the best RE released. I like it as well because there are tons of campaigns and playable characters, what more could you asked for! We want more of like this. Lots of people like playing it with friends, the multi type with a survival horror feel. I want something new too and I appreciate it. I really belive that Capcom did a great job with RE6. It's way better than RE5. The storyline of 5 is a side story. I just hate it. No intensity at all, I'm not too immersed with it. Quit complaining people! and you know... the ratings of this game is so under rated and it deserves a credit. I don't understand the disappointments of the fans when Capcom produced a big time game.This is actually the first RE that has a decent multiplayer game in the campaigns. Play it on steam with friends and stop being a loner, it's a very enjoyable game.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

@sjz05kinz RE5 was ten times better than this game. I didn't like RE5 at first, but after playing RE6, RE5 wasn't too bad looking back.

Avatar image for Dredcrumb9

I tried to like this game, I convinced myself it was decent at a point, but it really is a bad game. Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition was much better, yet I was a bit disappointed with that one too. These games need alot more blood and gore, and more creepy horror elements. These games are starting to feel really sterile.

Avatar image for rewind915

5 Was better, if you could port these controls to RE5 I would play that game.

Avatar image for advocacy

If Capcom wants to make Resident Evil 7 good, they need to listen to all the criticisms mentioned in this review and remedy them.

Avatar image for Rheinmetal

RE: Operation Raccoon City and Resident Evil 6 both got a 4.5 score... This is wrong. Operation Raccoon City is probably the worst game of 2012. Resident Evil 6 is way better. Probably 6.0

Avatar image for joesguy

@Rheinmetal: You know, 6 wasn't *that* much better than ORC in many key areas. Enemies that soak too much damage, terrible movement controls, terrible melee, far too dark to see anything most of the time, wonky animations. It's like a high budget ORC, for the most part.

Avatar image for mitcher78

And this is the reason why I do not read anymore Gamespot...

Avatar image for joesguy

@mitcher78: Because they make valid arguments against terrible games that you like, against all reason?

Avatar image for nong_winz

I don't understand why so many people dislike this game. I'm Bio/RE big fan. I already finish all of its story except RE4 and I surely sure that I like RE6 the most. Maybe because I'm a gamer that very enjoy the good story game, one can bring me in to it, can make me surprise or make my mouth open wide from good shock and RE6 can make me all of this. :D

More over, RE6 make me have a great excited time with my fiend. For me its combat is really good. I can say I enjoy it very much. :)

9/10 for me

Avatar image for nong_winz

I don't understand why so many people dislike this game. I'm Bio/RE big fan. I already finish all of its story except RE4 and I surely sure that I like RE6 the most. Maybe because I'm a gamer that very enjoy the good story game, one can bring me in to it, can make me surprise or make my mouth open wide from good shock and RE6 can make me all of this. :D

More over, RE6 make me have a great excited time with my fiend. For me its combat is really good. I can say I enjoy it very much. :) 9/10 for me
Avatar image for santinegrete

@nong_winz combat engine is one of the few success of this game. Bad thing is majority of enemies aren't fun to fight thanks to their barebones AI and overall uninspired design.

Avatar image for fanofre

If you're a fan of RE4, and 5 this game will not let you down. I personally have loved the contextual action events that take place during the cinematics and have overall enjoyed the last few games in the series more because of it. The review done for this game was in a semi-bias manner, this game during conception and design never claimed to be a survival horror. I found that the mere aspect that the game was more thrilling to experience than RE5 was a generous nod back to the first Resident Evil/Biohazard. Additionally it becomes quite clear to me that this review was never updated to included many scrupulous changes that were implemented as a result of RE fans. For example, in the game now, you are able to change your camera view, switch your primary hand for weapon holding, and even change the OTS position to be over the left or right shoulder. I am somewhat disturbed that the author refers to the quick-time events in this game as punishment, "punishes you by forcing one horrible quick-time event after another upon you", this can only describe someone who has been unhappy with the franchise since RE4. If you want to be in fear of a constant threat that leaves your heart in your throat every 10 minutes but also be able to experience this paranoia with a friend then a game that you would be interested in would be Dead Space 3 or Amnesia, which strangely enough you'll find to still be that of an OTS POV. It is just an appalling misrepresentation that you expected the game to be a completely different format from that of the last two. The drawn picture here is that if this game was worthy of a 4.5 like the author of this dribble claims it to be then this type of game play for the franchise would have ceased with RE4/5. The only reason I saw within both this bias review (not saying mine isn't bias) and within the game itself having played it extensively to dock it points in a rating system would be the in-game graphics. Now this isn't due to the game itself but rather to Capcom itself I reference Remember Me that came out a while ago. Games that have come out prior to this one e.g Crysis 3 or even go further back with Witcher 2 and keeping with a similar POV the game Dead Space 3, have all been able to show that extra aspect of immersion by painstakingly improving the graphical quality of the game to be just slightly less than that of cinematics. what I am saying is that based on my enjoyment of this franchise and the direction of games in general as a gamer, it wouldn't be logical to even consider that returning to the feel of the first Resident Evil would be an achievable outcome past that of the release of Resident Evil 4. Also to continue with the quick-time molestation this author has, to say that, "succeeding means triggering a sonic zing and a bright circular eruption that distract you from the dramatic animations", is just ignorance. If you had actually played RE5 (on a difficulty higher than veteran) you would know that the distraction comes not in the form of a "sonic zing and a bright circular eruption", but in the form of nothing at all. Players were forced to stare at the specific location of where the contextual action would be so that they wouldn't miss an action. This zing and bright light that is present in RE6 is that of informing the gamer to focus back on the action on the screen. I end with this, if you are a Resident Evil/Biohazard storyline fan OR if you are a fan of RE4 and RE5 OR even just RE4 then this game will not disappoint you and is worth the purchase.

Avatar image for Succumbus

@Shadowstriker71 @greenbasilisk 4 was pretty great... just because of the atmosphere it changed around to... it still was a classic RE game with the random mansion and same characters. Plus the PC port was just terrible..

Avatar image for Succumbus

I think this game was worth the ten bucks I dropped on Steam for it. I would have been mad had I spent 60 though -_-

Avatar image for jlenoconel

@Succumbus Its definitely worth 10 bucks lol.

Avatar image for Cashmoney007

People that actually think this game is good have low standards.

Avatar image for jlenoconel

@Cashmoney007 Not really. I've played loads of games on the PS3 and Xbox 360. There are games like this out there that I thought were overrated, and then there are games like the Assassin's Creed that are very overrated. I enjoyed Resident Evil 6.

Avatar image for torenojohn7

Worst Resident evil game ever made... i'd rather play RE survivor or dead aim instead of this putrid crap.

Avatar image for joesguy

@torenojohn7: Operation Raccoon City?

Avatar image for torenojohn7

@joesguy: To its Credit at least ORC looks better than RE6 and its story&camera angles don't give me a migrane.. sure its a poor man's Socom but its still better than RE6.

Avatar image for joesguy

@torenojohn7: Eehh I'm not so sure I'd go that far. Terrible cover system, enemies that soak up way too much damage and show barely any indication of taking damage, way too dark. I'd say 6 still has it's perks.

Avatar image for nob_saibot

one word : SHIT

Avatar image for v69inches

It's painful dat gamespot most of time underscore da japanese games..!!! Why...???? I think i suggest dat u people make such a game like it. Capcom has some game issues but they don't deserve such a low score.. Don't forget da name Street Fighter. So i suggest all the members & visitors check other sites like game pressure, ign, g4 etc..

Avatar image for abhreebhu

@v69inches leave gamespot,if u feel it's biased towards Japs :P

Avatar image for Dumper1

@v69inches English please.

Avatar image for gamestud34

I enjoyed this game.

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