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If you're a fan of the side-scrolling shoot-'em-ups that were popular in arcades and on video game consoles throughout the '80s and '90s, Platypus will be a real treat.

Stunning good looks highlight this imaginatively styled but otherwise traditional side-scrolling shoot-'em-up, in which you must maneuver an unassuming little ship through numerous enemy-infested stages while blasting pretty much everything in your way. Platypus is easy to play using the mouse, keyboard, or joystick, and you have the option to play simultaneously with a friend. Multiple difficulty levels are also available, and unless you consider yourself a pro at classic shooters like Gradius, you'll appreciate having the "easy" setting, since the tougher options are very challenging.

The game has a good, solid feel to it, and you'll find a number of fun-to-use power-ups during the course of your missions, which include a number of battles against big, heavily armed boss opponents. Through it all, the visuals of Platypus are the main attraction, since the whole world of the game looks like it's made of clay. Great little details abound, such as how bigger enemy ships gradually break apart as you shoot them, and you can even see their crews bail out by parachute. Platypus' lively soundtrack also never skips a beat as you play, helping solidify this as a great example of a classic arcade-style game for your PC.

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    The Good
    Gorgeous, imaginatively designed claymation-style graphics run fast and smooth
    Tried-and-true twitch-based shoot-'em-up gameplay features a variety of enemies
    Multiple difficulty settings and two-player-simultaneous option adds variety
    Great soundtrack helps give the game an upbeat tone
    The Bad
    A little bit of storyline probably would have helped, but there isn't any
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  • First Released May 24, 2005
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    Platypus is a claymation side scrolling shooter for the PSP.
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    Developed by:
    Handmark, Retro 64, Squashy Software, Astraware, Escapist Games
    Published by:
    Handmark, KISS Ltd., Oberon Media, Funsta, MumboJumbo, Astraware, Microsoft Game Studios
    Shoot-'Em-Up, 2D, Action
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