Pizza Frenzy Review

While Pizza Frenzy isn't much of a frenzy, it's still a unique and entertaining game.

It's too bad that Pizza Frenzy never really becomes a frenzy, because otherwise it's one of the most entertaining and unique games you're bound to encounter. The premise is that you're a novice pizza restaurateur seeking to maintain the legacy of the illustrious Stromboli family. The game's three modes--speed, memory, and Simon--vary the gameplay slightly, although you're always essentially doing the same thing.

In the main modes, you travel from city to city picking up pizza orders and dropping them on the corresponding pizza restaurant. Despite years of pizza-making, the Strombolis have yet to figure out how to make more than one type of pizza per restaurant. How quickly you execute the order factors into your tip (or lack of it), and after making a certain amount of money, you can purchase new toppings and move on to bigger and better cities. As you travel through the numerous levels, new factors are involved, like the thief you must report to the police instead of deliver to. Unfortunately, despite all the hilarity of the game, it never becomes truly challenging. However, the appearance and music are executed extremely well, and the character may just be reason enough to play it.

The Good
Hilarious gameplay
Great music
Quite unique
The Bad
Never gets difficult
All the modes are similar
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  • First Released Feb 2, 2005
    • PC
    Play as a restaurateur and maintain the Stromboli family legacy by purchasing new toppings and moving on to bigger and better cities.
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    Developed by:
    Oberon Media
    Published by:
    Focus Multimedia, PopCap
    Strategy, Management
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