New Rally-X Review

New Rally-X is a faithful enough rendition of the original game, though whether or not you should buy it depends on your love of the 1981 arcade game.

New Rally-X, originally released to arcades in 1981, is another in a long line of old Namco games to make it onto mobile phones. The LG MM-535 version lets you play in two modes. The main mode is patterned after the arcade original. You drive a car around a maze, attempting to collect all of the level's flags while avoiding large rocks and red racecars that attempt to catch you. If they get too close, the 5 key lays out a smoke screen that throws off the chase cars. Your fuel gauge acts as a timer for each level, and using smoke screen drains the gauge more quickly. Every third race is a challenge race that puts you in a faster-moving car with the task of quickly collecting all flags before the opposition wakes up to give chase. The game's alternate mode lets you practice all of the challenge races.

New Rally-X has Game Lobby support for a scoreboard so you can upload and compare your scores. This sort of negates your ability to continue from where you left off, though. Continuing resets your score and starts you at a more difficult level, so you're not as likely to crack the top ten list.

The game speed feels right, though the control isn't very sensitive, making it too easy to miss turns. That, combined with a current lack of serious competition on the leaderboard, makes New Rally-X a game you should approach with caution.

The Good

  • Plays like the 1981 original
  • Online scoreboard lets you compete with other players

The Bad

  • Plays the original music, but it all loops a little weird
  • Car can be tough to accurately control
  • Not enough competition on the online scoreboard

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New Rally-X

First Released September 2005
  • Arcade Games
  • Mobile
  • Xbox 360

Drive around and collect the flags in this racing maze game from Namco.


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