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Mind Quiz is a shameless rip-off of Nintendo's Brain Age, only Ubisoft and Sega forgot to clone the variety and occasional fun of that game.

Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach is a shameless clone of Nintendo's brain-training DS game, Brain Age. Like that game, it offers tests that use shaky-looking science to determine how "old" your brain feels, along with various minigames designed to give your brain a bit of a workout. Mind Quiz has some similar tests to Nintendo's game and essentially comes off feeling like a cheap knockoff.

It's not really a quiz, but at least it does a good job of making you feel smarter when you do well.
It's not really a quiz, but at least it does a good job of making you feel smarter when you do well.

The main part of Mind Quiz is the mind quiz itself, which is broken into a brain stress degree test and a brain age test. Both tests place items on the screen that you need to tap in the correct order. One test has you alternate between letters and numbers, while the other test is just numbers. The game keeps track of your score in these tests over time, showing you if you've been improving or slipping. The training section is broken into a few different sections and offers different minigames, including slide puzzles, a voice-recognition test that showcases the game's truly awful voice recognition, a shooterlike game where you have to tap dogs as they run across the screen or throw bones at a running man, and so on. Whether they improve your mind or not is questionable, but what's more certain is that most of these training games aren't much fun. They're all very simple exercises without any real variety or major challenge, unless you can get excited about competing with your high scores.

Visually, the game is plain looking thanks to the basic nature of the various tasks you'll complete. But there is a cohesive visual theme to the different games that usually revolves around a dog and a man with a rainbow where his brain should be, which is utter madness. The sound effects are lackluster and feel as if they were thrown in as an afterthought. Each game ends with a woman proclaiming "this is the end" in the most monotone voice possible, making her sound as if she's just about to snap and slit her own throat.

This game isn't good enough to serve as a game for Brain Age players who are looking for more of the same because it's too similar yet too shallow to entertain that crowd. If you fall into the group of people who haven't played Brain Age, you should go with that one rather than waste your time on a pretender like Mind Quiz.

The Good
Lets you throw bones at a man with a rainbow for a brain
The Bad
Lacks variety
doesn't steal the parts of Brain Age that would make this concept fun
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